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2 weeks ago in Community
Virtual volunteering on the rise

We’re approaching the end of National Volunteer Week (18–24 May) and it’s inspiring to see the work being done by volunteers, particularly as we’ve seen the COVID-19 pandemic close businesses and organisations across the globe.

With the easing of government restrictions, many of us are returning to a new sense of normalcy, which continues to promote social distancing and responsible hygiene to protect vulnerable people. 

At the City of Fremantle we’ve been overwhelmed by the selflessness and willingness of the community to volunteer to help those who may need just a bit of extra help. 

Our Neighbour to Neighbour program has attracted close to 700 volunteers willing to undertake a range of activities to help those who are more isolated than others.

One thing we’ve all learned is how amazingly well our society is able to continue to function despite social distancing, and volunteering is certainly no exception.

You can still make a significant difference in your community when you are homebound, whether by choice or not.

Virtual or online volunteering is a growing trend in existing volunteering programs that can help associations become more sustainable and help enlist additional talent and resources.

Virtual volunteering provides community services electronically via the Internet and a home or work computer. 

It is an avenue for people with time or distance constraints, lack of mobility or simply a preference not to leave the home or worksite to get involved and help out. 

Some of the benefits for volunteering organisations include less resource use – virtual volunteers don't need work space or a parking spot, stationery, telephone and computer systems.

All virtual volunteers need to start work is reliable access to the internet and an email address.

Most virtual volunteer work is computer related but you might be surprised by the variety of work available.

There are exclusively online volunteer marketplaces that will match your skills and interests to non-profits and charities, so that you can donate your skills and experience anywhere in the world to fit in with your schedule.

If you are interested in exploring the idea of virtual volunteering you can find out more at or register your skills at online volunteer marketplace