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Permits and bonds


Obstruction permits

Obstructions of the road reserve such as the use of bins, cranes, cherry pickers, building materials, equipment, scaffolding, safety fencing or vehicles, requires an application for obstruction permit.
A traffic and pedestrian management plan is required for all applications (excluding bins) by an accredited traffic consultant when submitting your application.

A verge protection bond of $2,105.00 may be required for obstruction permits.

Applications must be submitted a minimum of five working days prior to commencement to works and ten working days in the case of a full road closure.
Permits are essential as infringements may apply.

Please note credit card payments incur a 0.05% transaction fee and American Express (AMEX) is not accepted.

Verge bonds

When a building or demolition permit has been issued, it is a requirement that a verge bond is payable prior to commencement of works as follows:

  • $2,105.00 for building works / verge protection bond;
  • $3,155.00 for demolition permits;
  • For works within close proximity of trees, a tree protection bond may be deemed necessary.  The tree protection bond figure is deemed by the relevant officer;
  • For commercial permits or subdivisions, an assessment of the site determines the amount of the bond. The applicant will be contacted following submission of the application to discuss the bond requirement. This is to ensure that if any damage occurs during works, verge and road reserve will be reinstated to the satisfaction of the City.

An application for verge bond refund can be submitted to the City at the completion of construction works.

Additional permits

For works in the road reserve or verge, parking and hood hire permits may be required.  Contact the customer service centre on 1300 MYFREO for details of how to obtain these permits. Additional fees apply for these permits.

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