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About One Planet Living

One Planet Living

One Planet Living is a vision for a sustainable world where people lead healthy, happy lives within their fair share of the earth's resources.

Created and overseen by not-for-profit organisation Bioregional, it is based on ten principles of sustainability that provide a holistic framework to plan, deliver and communicate sustainability for organisations, cities and developments. 

One Planet Living Principles 

One Planet Living Principles


One Planet Fremantle

The Fremantle One Planet Strategy 2014/15 – 2019/2020 provides a lens through which to view the work of the City and understand how it is tracking to become more sustainable. It is based on pursuit of a series of targets for each of the One Planet principles. Information on the current targets and approaches taken for each of the principle areas can be found below:

The City's One Planet Living Action Plan 2020-2025 outlines the actions being pursued under the ten principles.

Reports are prepared each year demonstrating our progress in implementing management actions and targets.

One Planet Living Annual Reports

Climate Change Adaptation

The City has prepared an Adaption Plan which reflects our commitment to addressing the impacts of climate change in a holistic and coordinated manner. The plan was introduced in 2015 and updated in 2019-20 with additional action items.

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