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Equity and local economy

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Our Corporate Target: The City of Fremantle will provide a full package of support, training and engagement mechanisms to foster staff development by 2020 and to support equality in the workplace. 

Our Community TargetThe City of Fremantle will continue to provide a broad range of support and incentive mechanisms to foster new and existing local business. It will support the community in its drive towards economic, environmental and social sustainability. It will provide a full package of support, training and engagement mechanisms in accordance with its Economic Development Strategy by 2020.

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The City supports local businesses in a wide variety of ways - through its new place marketing strategy that includes Fremantle’s consumer website Fremantle Story, its continuous support of the tourism industry through the Fremantle Tourism Association, the establishment of the Fremantle Business Improvement District, the ongoing support of our local business development organisation Business Foundations and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, and a refreshing approach to business innovation and space activation.

City of Fremantle staff, as part of the broader Fremantle workforce, are encouraged to support local business by shopping, dining and generally using the products and services available in and around the City of Fremantle. We also ensure that, where possible, we use local suppliers for sustainable products and services to the City.

The City supports local sustainable businesses and has worked alongside The Good Map to create a walking map of sustainable traders around Fremantle and Waste Not to develop an organic waste solution for the City and its facilities.

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