Local and sustainable food

Local and sustainable food is available in Fremantle

Our Corporate Target:

The City of Fremantle will ensure that 50% of food by value purchased by the council is compliant with the One Planet Strategy, Procurement Policy and Fair Trade City status by 2015 and 100% by 2020 and will support community actions to increase local and sustainable food purchase and achieve better nutrition.

Our Community Target: 

The City of Fremantle will support community actions to increase local and sustainable food purchase and production, community and edible verge gardening and healthy food choices by providing access to a variety of community gardens, local food markets and local producers - and by promoting and supporting these initiatives

The City of Fremantle has access to an incredible array of local, sustainable and ethical food from local stores such as Juicy Beetroot, The Raw Kitchen, Fair Trade Freo and Kakulas Sister.

By supporting these local businesses, City staff make a great contribution to the local economy and have minimal impact on the planet. 

City catering services observe the principles of local, seasonal and organic where possible - even the staff coffee and tea is organic and fair trade.

Staff are encouraged to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through training courses and events on sustainable foods choices presented by influential local foodies.

Fremantle is one of Western Australia's few Fair Trade cities that encourages local retailers to stock fair trade products. In essence, Fremantle supports its local economy while being mindful of the positive global flow-on effect of fair and ethical trading.

Current projects

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