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Materials and products

Sustainable materials are used in City projects

Our Corporate Target: The City of Fremantle will implement its sustainable procurement procedure for assessing relevant sustainability criteria, and it will implement the Sustainable Events Policy to minimise the impact of events. Through the Going Digital project, we will reduce our pages printed by 90% by 2020, based on 2017 levels.

Our Community Target: The City of Fremantle will encourage and enable the community to achieve high levels of sustainable material use through a range of activities including the opening of a community reuse store at the Fremantle Recycling Centre. The City will continue to promote sustainable building design and offer incentives to development that achieves or extends best practice.

In November 2018, Council adopted the Sustainable Events Policy which applies to City run events and events approved by the City. 

Under the policy, the sale or distribution of single-use plastics will be banned from City of Fremantle run events, along with balloons, confetti and polystyrene and Styrofoam food and drink containers. 

Single-use plastic straws will be banned from events organised by third parties that require City of Fremantle approval. Other single-use plastics will not be banned from City approved events, but organisers will be encouraged not to use them. 

Event organisers must also provide an easily accessible alternative to bottled water which allows patrons to refill their own water bottles at no charge. 

The Sustainable Events policy also includes requirements for providing paired and clearly labelled waste and recycling bins, restricting promotional materials and decorations to those that can be reused, recycled or contain a recycled content, promoting walking, riding and public transport options and providing adequate bike parking at large events. 

Variations to the policy may be sort for health and safety reasons or where there is no other practical alternative available. 

For more detailed information on implementing the Sustainable Events Policy, please refer to the relevant checklists below:

The preliminary design of the new King's Square building for the City has incorporated sustainability objectives and the use of sustainable, renewable or recycled materials to achieve a high equivalent 'Green Star' standard. Developers must adhere to City policies which outline sustainability criteria to be considered in development applications.

All of the City's tenders over $50,000 include a minimum 10% sustainability component. By October 2019, 56% of expenditure had been reviewed against the 10% for Sustainability, helping to shift the way suppliers think about the impact of their products and services.

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