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Sustainability requirements for large approved events

These requirements applies to all large events (over 5000 patrons) produced by a third party but subject to the formal approval of the City. It includes large events that are supported by City grants.

The requirements adhere to the provisions outlined in the City of Fremantle Sustainable Events Policy


  • Have you provided paired and clearly labelled waste and recycling bins?
  • Have you excluded the provision, use, distribution or sale of:
    • balloons and confetti? If a child brings a balloon to an event, they can keep it.  
    • polystyrene and styrofoam for distribution of food or drinks?
    • single-use plastic straws? This does not include paper or certified compostable straws.
  • Can patrons BYO drink bottle and are free water stations readily available?
  • Have you minimised the use of printed promotional material?
  • Have you promoted walking, riding and public transport options? Inclusion of a map or details of available bus and train services can assist.
  • Has bike parking been provided? Several permanent bike racks exist around the City.

Encouraged checklist

  • Have you minimised your use of single-use plastics, including:
    • cutlery
    • cups, including coffee cups
    • bottles
    • plates
    • containers
    • bags
    • cling wrap. 

Alternatives include reusable cutlery and plates, or products made from 100% plant material that are certified as compostable according to Australian standards.

  • Are promotional materials and decorations reusable, recyclable or certified carbon offset, or do they contain a recycled content?

Variations may be sought for health and safety reasons or where there is no other practical alternative available e.g. disposable gloves are mandated as a condition on a food permit.  Variations are to be approved by the CEO.

Please see the sustainability requirements for small approved events for events with less than 5000 patrons.

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