One Planet FreoMatch

What is FreoMatch?

FreoMatch aims to increase the value of the City’s investment into community initiatives by partnering successful applicants with Start Some Good to develop a crowd-funding campaign. The crowd-funding goal is to match the City’s contribution dollar for dollar.

The innovative program allows local entrepreneurs to pitch a project idea or community activity to a panel of active community decision-makers who decide what sustainability projects they want to support in Fremantle.

How does it work?

The model, based on a ‘tipping point’ approach is designed to encourage participants to seek community support and involvement in their projects through crowdfunding. When the projects reach 50% of their total target, the City of Fremantle will invest the remaining 50% to reach the funding goal.

The One Planet / crowdmatch funding program, launched in 2015, is available to not-for-profit organisations, local businesses and individuals seeking to undertake innovative projects or provide community activities which align with the City of Fremantle’s One Planet Strategy and the ten principles of sustainability that it communicates.

In a community-driven approach, the public vote for projects they feel will most benefit the wider Fremantle community environmentally, socially and economically. The most highly valued projects go through to the development and launch of their crowdfunding campaigns with the support of

This program is structured as a ‘participatory funding’ process, wherein members of the community are able to see each project pitched, and actively participate in the determination of which projects are funded to deliver maximum community sustainability outcomes.

What projects has FreoMatch supported?

FreoMatch supported eight sustainability projects in 2015 – 2016. The projects range from an urban mushroom farm that utilises coffee ground waste from Fremantle cafes to grow mushrooms to a programme delivered in schools to help skill young people in identifying opportunities for positive change in our community. 

2016 projects:

Eco Eats

Disco Soup

Millennium Kids


2015 projects:




Wray Avenue Solar Parklet