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Sustainable water

The One Planet vision is one where we use water much more efficiently in buildings and in the products we buy; and manage water in such a way as to support healthy land-use, avoid local flooding and avoid pollution to watercourses.

City of Fremantle targets under the One Planet Action Plan 2020-25 are:

  • Corporate ground water: do not exceed allocation set by Department of Water.
  • Corporate scheme water: reduce 10% over the next 5 years based on 2019 data.
  • Community scheme water: 10% reduction over the next 5 years based on 2019 data.

The City of Fremantle is conscious of Western Australia's water scarcity and is committed to innovative strategies to improve water use efficiency. We have achieved GOLD status as a Waterwise Council.

The Water Conservation Strategy takes a strategic approach to water conservation, looking at the impact of public open space on water use and considers hydro-zoning options, revegetation, pollution reduction and water efficiency in City buildings and facilities.

The City has a policy of using pesticides sparingly and where possible, choosing pesticides and fertilisers with the lowest toxicity to ensure watercourses, in particular our iconic Swan River, remain clean and healthy. Alternative options to replace pesticides are investigated regularly, with sensitivity given to local wildlife and habitat.

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