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(25/11/16) World-class artists to celebrate Australia in Fremantle

A feast of music, culture and conversation, One Day in Fremantle is an opportunity for all Australians to come together and celebrate the multicultural diversity of our country.

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One Day in Fremantle’ Saturday 28 January 2017 – Free public event.

Presented by the City of Fremantle, the free, family-friendly event is a culturally-inclusive alternative to traditional Australia Day celebrations that will see some of Australia’s finest artists take to the stage.

The Esplanade Reserve will host performances by world-class artists John Butler, Dan Sultan and Mama Kin.

Families will have the opportunity to enjoy and take part in a range of fun arts and cultural activities.

“I feel very honoured and privileged to be part of One Day in Fremantle. It takes bold steps to move forward as a community and I really commend the City of Fremantle for their vision to create a space and a moment that is culturally sensitive and inclusive. A day in which all Australians can happily celebrate and invest in,” said
John Butler.

“We are immensely proud to have artists of this calibre join Fremantle to celebrate diversity, inclusion and acceptance for all Australians. Whether it’s enjoying live music or participating in engaging art and cultural activities, this event is for all Australians to unite and celebrate on one day,” added Fremantle Mayor Dr. Brad Pettitt.

The celebrations will be hosted by multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Gina Williams and include a Welcome to Country by Marie Taylor and Dr. Richard Walley OAM. A citizenship ceremony will welcome new Australians from around the world.

To help shape future celebrations in Fremantle, a series of conversations hosted by locals and guests will encourage people to share their ideas and what they love about celebrating Australia.

“This family-friendly event will contribute to the nationwide conversation on celebrating our country and its people. Fremantle is offering Australians another day to celebrate – together,” said Dr Pettitt.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a picnic and enjoy the stellar line-up whilst embracing the diversity of modern-day Australia.

Celebrate Australia in the heart of Fremantle – one day when everyone is welcome. One Day in Fremantle is a free, family-friendly event that will be held at the Esplanade Reserve in Fremantle on Saturday 28 of January, 2.00–8.00 pm. For more information.

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Does the move away from Australia Day celebrations on 26 January break family traditions and take political correctness too far?

The City of Fremantle is not opposed to celebrations on 26 January for those who so choose – rather, we are offering an opportunity for all Australians to come together on another day. 

What is wrong with celebrating on January 26?

Everyone should celebrate when they feel it is appropriate, however the City of Fremantle wanted to celebrate being Australian in a way that included all Australians and we believe moving away from this date was more culturally inclusive and more in line with Fremantle’s values

My ancestors came out on those first boats, isn't changing the date an insult to my family?

Not at all – all of our ancestors and new immigrants have played a part in shaping Australia as it is today and we value every contribution, which includes acknowledging that 26 January may not have the same implication for all Australians.

Has the fireworks event been cancelled because of cost as opposed to reconciliation?

The decision to move away from the fireworks event is in line with the City of Fremantle’s approach to cultural awareness. The fireworks celebration was only a relatively recent inclusion on Australia Day and one which the City has been determined to change in favour of an event that is more inclusive for all.

Will the move away from the fireworks event impact local businesses?

While the fireworks drew large crowds, we anticipate offering a suite of events in collaboration with other event holders over the weekend will offer locals in Fremantle and beyond another opportunity to celebrate and support local businesses.

Are the fireworks still happening in Fremantle?

Yes. The Fishing Boat Harbour Traders Group and the Fremantle BID will co-fund and host a fireworks display at Fishing Boat Harbour Fremantle at 8.00 pm on 26 January 2017. This is an independent event and as it is not being held on Fremantle Council land no approvals were required apart from a fireworks licence which the City granted. 

I’m proud of my country and proud of being Australian and I’ve always celebrated Australia on 26 January- why should I have to change?

You don’t have to change. We are also proud to be Australian that is why we want to encourage everyone to consider why we celebrate and what we are celebrating; ultimately we want people to make their own decision and celebrate when they feel comfortable. 

Will Fremantle always celebrate on January 28 now?

The City of Fremantle will select a date in future years that is the most suitable for our community – we are not fixed on 28 January as the date. 

Event flyer

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