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If you are seeking legal assistance, please complete this online enquiry.

The lawyers at Fremantle Community Legal Centre provide legal advice, minor assistance, document drafting, limited representation, and referrals.

The areas of practice that we may be able to assist include:

  • Family Law, including parenting, financial/property, and divorce
  • Restraining Orders (we do not assist with MROs, respondents for FVROs or VRO's, or in instances of neighbour disputes)
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation
  • Social Security (advice on Centrelink matters and the appeal system)
  • Tenancy, including breach of tenant rental agreements, evictions, bond disputes/release of bond (we do not assist landlords or in respect of neighbour disputes)
  • Minor Civil and Criminal Matters (in very limited circumstances)


If we are not able to assist, please see the following organisations that may be able to assist:

Community Legal Western Australia

Legal Aid WA

Law Access

Aboriginal Legal Service WA

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