City Ward candidates 2017

Adin Lang

  • Hands-on
  • Energetic
  • Results Driven
  • 2016 Fremantle Citizen of the Year

City Ward deserves a tireless champion who can carry out fresh ideas and trigger growth; maintain the city’s vibrant history and heritage; and make our surrounding suburbs safe and affordable places to live for the youth, families and elderly.

I’m a successful small business owner who will continue to encourage visitors to our city, create programs to promote local businesses, and push for a surge in trading days. I’ll also push for additional recreational and sports facilities to keep our residents healthy and active.

I know how to get businesses, council leaders, and constituents to the table to fund and implement local programs. I have proven this with such events as ‘’Freo 1960’’, attracting 10,000 visitors to the CBD, city-wide community revegetation programs and initiatives to increase our rate base.

I’ll work for a more prosperous, safe, and beautiful Fremantle.

Mobile:  0438 908 829
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Linda Wayman

I am a long time resident of Fremantle with my parents born in Fremantle and East Fremantle. I have raised my family in Fremantle near my parents with my children attending Beacy Primary School and playing for Fremantle Hawks.

I have worked in media, events, business and government. As the General Manager of two radio stations, mix94.5 and 92.9 and before that head of EventsCorp, I have extensive experience in financial governance, marketing, tourism and community engagement.

My focus is on revitalising Fremantle so our city is vibrant and liveable and where we can enjoy raising our families. To preserve Freo’s unique character, I believe in respecting and nurturing its heritage. My business skills plus a deep understanding of what matters to a community will enable me to make a contribution to Fremantle. Moreover, I have the passion and drive to make things happen.

I seek your support for election.

Social Network Address:  facebook/LindaWayman4City

Roel Loopers

Fremantle is in a positive transition period, and the unprecedented development means we need to protect the lifestyle and amenity of city residents and uncompromisingly protect our heritage West End.

I communicate with residents and business owners every day, as I walk the city streets. I notice the things that are wrong and report them on my Freo's View blog. I get things done.

We have to do the small things better, and get the balance and priorities right, and demand better quality architecture.

Our traders deserve more support and we need to make Freo a seven day a week destination.

I attend most council and committee meetings and have a thorough understanding of local government process.

I have lived here for 25 years and had a small business for 30 years.

My focus is on creating a fine future for Fremantle as a full-time councillor.

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Julie Morgan

Being a resident, a mother of four young children, a property owner, a design-orientated business woman, and a dog owner all within the West End of Fremantle, I believe I am uniquely placed to stand for City Ward Councillor. And, having lived and worked in a number of global urban centres for nearly 20 years, I am also able to bring practical experience to the discussion regarding the creation of a 'liveable' city.

Through my family’s involvement with the local junior football club, the surf lifesaving club, other sporting and community clubs, as well as Lance Holt School, I am well connected to all of Fremantle.

My aim is to help create a multi-layered, inter-connected city; one not reliant on being a shopping or tourist ‘destination’ - to make our city ‘sustainable’ on all levels.

The City Ward needs a Councilor who is not here ‘part-time’ but ‘24/7’.

Mobile:  0439 945 435
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Claudia Green

Fremantle Matters

Do you want visible community representation not compromised by sectional interests?

I am independent of affiliations; I have been selected by my local community.

I have lived in City Ward for 25 years, and Fremantle for 40 years.

Do you want to be consulted over major changes to amenity and lifestyle?

Are you concerned about rates, the sale of major assets, debt and Fremantle being named a "high risk" by the Department of Local Government?

Qualifications in Industrial Relations, Education and Law and working in the Department of Treasury and Finance, and the Department of Education, provide a sound understanding in financial, due diligence issues and public sector governance to act responsibly as your elected councillor. 

I have a background in local government activism, and as Chair of the Fremantle Resident and Ratepayers' Association, and FICRA, so I have a sound practice in procedures and standing orders.  

Mobile:  0416 338 769
Social Network Address:  Facebook Claudia for City