Further learning about sustainability for children

Links to further learning about sustainability combining culture, ecology, and sustainability. The below links will provide further knowledge on Aboriginal history and culture, in particular the Noongar and Whadjuk people who's land Fremantle is on. There is information on climate science and environmental science to understand complex concepts, such as climate change and native biodiversity. The final section on sustainability is learning important changes that all of us can make to create a healthier relationship with our environment and a better future for the planet.

  • Aboriginal History/Culture


o  Traditional Noongar Stories

o  The Story of the Rainbow Serpent

  • Climate Science

o  Climate change 

o  NASA’s climate website for kids

o  Understanding human energy usage

o  Understanding fossil fuels

  • Environmental Science


o   Busy, buzzing, bees

o   The dirt on decomposers

                                o   Equitable ecosystems

o   Habitats are home

o   Food chains

o   Food webs

o   Threatened species in Western Australia

o   Games and quizzes about the environment

  • Sustainability

o   Books about sustainability

o   Composting

o   Crazy sustainable crafts

                                o   Films/television about sustainability

                                o   Ecological footprints


                                o   Local food

                                o   Renewable energy

o   Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

o   Sustainability terms for children

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