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WA Youth Week

2020 - Fremantle Youth Climate Forum

Unfortunately due to Covid19 the City Youth Week event this year did not occur.

EYP Festival 5.0 - The City of Fremantle Youth Week event

WA Youth Week is on from Saturday 13 -  20 April 2019.   The theme this year is Nurture the Now.  To nurture is to 'care for and protect someone or something while they are growing.' The act of nurturing involves looking after ourselves, our communities and our planet. Nurture can be interpreted as a form of self-care, in which we treat ourselves with softness and compassion.  'Nurture the Now' places an emphasis on the present.  To be here now,  no matter your age, your stage in life and acknowledges that the way we are and act is as important as the end or finished goal. 

In Fremantle we will be lighting up our present moment through an event at the Fremantle Skatepark, known as the EYP, the Esplanade Youth Plaza is the place to be for our big day.  The EYP first opened in Youth Week five years ago and reaching 5 is a milestone we hope to celebrate.

So we have a jam packed day of HEAPS of things to do.

• Skateboarding WA Park Sharks Finale of the Summer Skateboarding Series

• Slacklining (tight rope walking)

• Perth Parkour workshops

• Scitech bring the latest VR entertainment: Samsung Gear VR station!  (must be 13yrs+), Room Scale VR with the HTC Vive! “Tilt Brush”  “Richie’s Plank Experience” (test out your fear of heights!)

• Freo Library bringing loads of Nintendo Labo action.

• Live interactive street art on a car! (do not try this at home)

• Hip Hop demo and workshops with Breakin' Traditions

• Cracking blow up amusements by Monsterball

• Market stalls, food trucks from Red Tent Events and what would be a birthday celebration without cake!

Most importantly come and meet the new Fremantle Youth Network members and let us know what is important as young people in Freo.

Head down on Sunday 14 April,  12:00 - 5:00pm.  Stay tuned on facebook for event updates.  In the event of serious wet weather this event may be rescheduled to Sunday 28 April.




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