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Parent and Baby Swimming Lessons

Bond with baby while developing their confidence and water-safety skills in a family-friendly environment. Parent and Baby classes cater for ages 4 months to 3 years.

Our program is divided into six levels by age, and lessons are comfortable with no more than six students per class to one instructor, except for our advanced Frogs classes which have a maximum of 3 students and parents transition out of the water. 

All classes are located in our 32-34 degree program pool and incorporate games, songs and toys into the swimming and water-safety activities. Here is everything you need to know about our Parent and Baby program:

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Prices and payment options


  • 4 - 6 month infants - FREE
  • 6 month to years - $16.50 per lesson

Payment Method

Fortnightly direct-debit to your nominated bank account or credit card

Levels and skills

Classes run every morning, Monday-Sunday in the warm program pool during WA school terms. All classes are 30 minutes in duration, with a maximum of 6 parents and swimmers to 1 instructor.

Class name


Class duration

AB1 - FREE LESSONS 4-6 months 30 minutes
AB2 6-12 months 30 minutes
AB3 12-18 months 30 minutes
AB4 18-24 months 30 minutes
Tadpoles 2-3 years 30 minutes
Frogs (Advanced Tadpoles)* 2.5-3 years 30 minutes

* Frog’s is a transitional level for strong Tadpoles in the 2.5 - 3 year age range. The aim of this level is to transition advanced 2.5 - 3 year old swimmer's out of the Aquababy lessons with a parent/caregiver and into independent lessons with only the instructor and other students. When swimmers in Frogs level turn 3 years old, the aim is for these students to skip our first Learn to Swim Under 5's level (Jellyfish) and go straight into Seahorse level. To get into an Frogs class, Tadpole students 2.5 years or older must demonstrate the following swimming and water safety skills:

  • I can stand on the ledge and hold on
  • I can follow instructions
  • I am comfortable swimming with the instructor
  • I have breath control/can blow bubbles
  • I can independently swim with an aid
  • I can do a short independent swim with my face in the water, 1 metre – kick and pull
  • I can independently jump from the wall
  • I am relaxed in an assisted back float

Frog level is assigned via assessment only. Please speak to our team if you feel your child is ready for this class.

Swim School Calendar

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  • Swimming lesson terms and breaks
  • Direct debit dates
  • Public holiday closures

My swimmer has moved up a level

Staff will be in touch when your swimmer is ready for the next level. From there, we will assign your swimmer their new level and you can transfer into you new class online via the swim school portal.

Im ready to book!

Visit the Swim School Portal page and follow the prompts to create your account and book your swimmer into lessons online.

I still have questions... Get in touch!

If you have any questions, please complete our enquiry form here.