Queensgate parking station

City of Fremantle aims to provide safe and equitable parking for all residents and visitors. As Fremantle grows in popularity, parking becomes a premium. To ensure turn over of vehicles in bays and accessible parking, we must closely monitor vehicle movements in the City.

Paid parking is not the only reason we have Integrated Patrols Officers. Driveway obstructions, bus zone obstructions by different classes of vehicles, unsafe parking such as parking in No Stopping / No Parking areas,  parking within 10 meters of an intersection, on footpaths and other offences also make up a big portion of our daily tasks. They also carry out sign audits and provide Eyes On Street for all resident and visitors.

City's parking department can help you with;

  • Unsafe and illegal parking complaints
  • Residential and Multi Purpose parking permit applications - Please visit Resident parking page for more information
  • Reserved bay applications
  • School patrols
  • Implementing, reviewing or changing parking restrictions
  • Help organise parking for events and special occasions
  • Private parking agreements 

Our parking department employs 11 Integrated Patrols Officers and 3 admin officers. Parking is monitored in the City across 7 days. For all your comments, feedback and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via 9432 9999 or

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