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Parking laws

Understanding parking signs

All parking restrictive and permissive signs in Fremantle comply with Australian Standards.

With some minor differences amongst councils, most parking signs look very similar. Should you have questions about an area, car park, or street, please contact the customer service centre on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736) and they will assist you.

Parking signs may have multiple conditions and restrictions on them. Drivers should follow the signs carefully, assess where the restrictions apply via arrows on the posts and obtain a ticket or abide by time restrictions when necessary. Failure to do so may result in an infringement being issued, or in extreme circumstances, impound of vehicles.

Common signs 

No parking sign

No parking

Vehicles cannot park where the signs apply. You may remain stopped in your vehicle for a short period of time, however you may receive a move on notice from an authorised person.
No stopping sign

No stopping

Vehicles are not permitted to stop where these signs apply. If there are further comments on the signs such as verge, road or certain periods/times then restrictions apply under those conditions.
Restricted timing parking sign

Parking permissive

These signs mean vehicles are permitted to park in this area, under conditions prescribed on the signs.
Yellow paint line on road

Yellow lines

Yellow lines mean no stopping along where it is marked yellow lines. They are often found at intersections and by right of ways.

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