Payment options

The City offers property owners the ability to pay their rating assessment either in full of via four instalments. Rate payments may be made via BPay, the internet, the phone, at Australian Post offices/agencies, by mail or in person at the City's offices. Payments should be made by the due dates stated below:

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Full payment

No overdue interest will accrue where full payment is met by 3.00 pm on the first due date stated below.

Payment by instalments

To elect to pay by instalments will require payment of all arrears, interest accrued to date and the first instalment by 3pm on the first due date stated below. Reminder notices will issue prior to the due date of each instalment with any overdue instalment being subject to interest accrual.

Where the instalment option is elected, then option costs of 5.5% p.a. interest plus a $39.60 administration fee or $13.20 per instalment after the initial instalment will be payable. The instalment option costs will be shown on the front of the annual rate notice.

If two or more instalments remain unpaid, then the City may cancel this option without refund of any instalment costs. If such cancellation occurs, then the total rating balance owing will be classified as overdue.

Payment arrangements

Completion of this proposal and submitting it to the Revenue Officer - Senior Rates before any due date by:

  • email to
  • fax to 08 9430 4634
  • mail to the City of Fremantle, PO Box 807, Fremantle WA 6959 or
  • submitting in person to the service and information centre at the City of Fremantle, Fremantle Oval, 70 Parry Street, Fremantle.

Any proposal should stipulate the date of clearance or a payment amount, regularity and commencement date and should be sufficient so that full clearance occurs within an acceptable to the City period of time.

Any approved payment arrangement will be subject to a $32.00 arrangement fee, continued overdue interest accruals and other specified terms and conditions.

Proposed clearance or payments should be met even if a decision on a proposal is still to be received.

Due dates

Full payment or first instalment: 27 August 2018
Second instalment: 29 October 2018
Third instalment: 2 January 2019
Fourth and final instalment: 5 March 2019

Overdue interest

Overdue interest will accrue daily at 11.00%pa on arrears/overdue rating balances until fully cleared. Interest accrued may be cleared in preference to arrears/overdue rating balances from payments received. Overdue interest will not accrue where a property is eligible to a full State Government rebate or deferral.

Overdue rates

Are the rating balances for the current financial period where full payment or the instalment option is not elected or where an instalment remains unpaid.  Overdue rates do not apply where a property is eligible for a full State Government rebate or deferral.

Rate arrears

Are unpaid rating balances from previous financial periods for which there are no entitlement to defer under the State Government rebate scheme.

Recovery proceedings

All arrears/overdue rating balances are subject to accrual of overdue interest and legal recovery proceedings. All property owners are jointly and severally liable for arrears/overdue rating balances and legal recovery costs. All recovery costs will be charged to the property and along with the arrears/overdue rating balances, be payable in full before cessation of legal recovery proceedings. 

Where clearance is not forthcoming as sought, then recovery proceedings via the courts and/or section 6.64 and/or section 6.60 of the Local Government Act 1995 may be instigated.

Court and/or Local Government Act 1995 recovery proceedings

All legal recovery proceeding costs, including collection agency and solicitors, will be charged to the property and will be due and payable in full, along with the debt sought, prior to ceasing the collection proceedings.

Proceedings via the Courts may result in an irreversible detrimental notation being applied against each property owner’s Australian credit rating record by the relevant reporting agencies. The credit rating organisations obtain details of legal recovery proceedings direct from the Court.

The City is not obligated or responsible to remove any detrimental credit notation from a property owners credit rating record where legal recovery proceedings are instigated.

Section 6.64 of the Local Government Act 1995

The City where a property is in ARREARS for a period of 3 years or more may take possession of the property and (a) from time to time lease the land (b) sell the land (c) cause the land to be transferred to the Crown or (d) cause the land to be transferred to itself. All costs associated with these proceedings, including advertisement and marketing, will be charged to the property and will be due and payable in full, along with the debt sought.

Section 6.60 of the Local Government Act 1995

The City may issue a Rental Garnishee Order on the lessee/tenant of a property. This order will require that lessee/tenant to pay to the City all rentals as they fall due in payment of any arrears and/or overdue rating balances. All order service costs will be charged to the property and will be due and payable in full, along with the debt sought, prior withdrawing an order.

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