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Planning scheme review


Scheme review report

The City completed a review report on the functions of its Local Planning Scheme No 4 in February 2020 and submitted this to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). The report recommends:

  • Local Planning Scheme No.4 is satisfactory in its existing form, but should be maintained based on an agreed program of projects / scheme amendments including:

Short term

  • administrative updates to complete alignment with Model Scheme Text terminology (basic amendment).
  • review of and alignment of land use definitions with Model Scheme Text and centre nomenclature.
  • rationalisation of Development zones.
  • review of Schedule 8 development standards to ensure consistency in terms and potentially reconsider the allocation of controls between scheme and policy.

Medium term

  • establishment of Special Control Areas affected by noise (entertainment and transport).
  • establishment of a Special Control Area to recognise areas at risk of long term coastal process impacts.
  • review of Mixed Use zoning and development controls.
  • review of parking requirements (pending completion of a Parking Plan currently under development).
  • review of zoning/development standards around the Paddy Troy Mall.
  • Review of zoning along and west of the South Terrace corridor in South Fremantle

Longer term

  • review of industrial buffer areas
  • review of signage provisions to rationalise these in relation to local laws.
  • review of Fremantle – Murdoch and Fremantle – Cockburn transport corridors (pending confirmation of alignment, mode and funding by state- discussions on going).
  • periodic / recurrent / ongoing
    regular (approximately biennial) consideration of zoning requests via omnibus amendment
    policy review
    structure plan update
  • the local planning strategy should be reviewed and updated to reflect the subsequent strategic direction and amendments progressed by the City through its integrated planning processes, including
    Strategic Community Plan
    Economic Development Strategy
    One Planet Strategy
    Integrated Transport Strategy
    Draft Cultural Strategy (under development)
  • the planning strategy should also include additional commentary on housing and activity centres to reflect the strategic approaches taken by the City consistent with relevant state planning policy.
  • View the City of Fremantle Scheme Review Report - February 2020.
  • View the WAPC's recommendation letter.

Scheme amendments

Since completion of the review report, the City has initiated a number of the short-term scheme amendments to progress the report recommendations, including:

  • review and alignment of land use definitions (Amendment 83)
  • amendment to centre nomenclature (Amendment 85 - gazetted November 2021)
  • rationalisation of development zones (Amendment 84 - gazetted November 2021).

The WAPC supported the City's report but indicated that it would not support any further significant amendments to the planning scheme until a new Local Planning Strategy was in place.

An update of the planning strategy is consequently being progressed. Further information on the progress of this project will be provided on this page as it progresses to next steps.

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