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Pre-School Swimming Lessons

Pre-school lessons are for swimmers aged 3-5 years and are conducted in our warm program pool. Students learn swimming and water safety skills both aided and independently and are progressed through our 4 levels as they achieve skill-specific milestones. When swimmers turn 5 years they will transition into the school age program.

There is a maximum of 4 students to one instructor in all Under 5’s classes, except for the beginner Jellyfish level which has a maximum of 3 students. Here is everything you need to know about our pre-school program:

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Prices and payment options


  • $18.50 per lesson

Payment Method

Fortnightly direct-debit to your nominated bank account or credit card

Levels and skills

Classes run every morning, Monday to Sunday and every weekday afternoon (except Tuesday) during school terms.


1. Jellyfish

In this level, swimmers will learn essential water safety skills, including confident and safe entries and exits, exhaling in water with their face submerged, and identifying objects underwater. Additionally, they will develop the ability to submerge their entire head, achieve independent front and back floats with relaxed horizontal body positioning and confident breath control, and perform an independent front glide from the wall to a standing position. The class also emphasises a water safety sequence, teaching children to jump into the water, swim back to the wall confidently, and exit safely, all while encouraging the use of pulling arms for propulsion.

2. Seahorse

In this level, swimmers will develop essential water skills, including sculling and basic hand and leg actions, a 10 second independent back float with the ability to roll forward and swim back to a bar, and independent push-back and glide. The class will also focus on stationary pulling arm action, a 3 metre independent front kick, and a 3 metre independent back kick. Water safety sequences are integrated, teaching children to tread water, jump in confidently, swim using arms and legs, float on their back, and return safely to the wall or platform.

3. Rainbowfish

In this level, swimmers will learn advanced water skills, including treading water for 10 seconds with sculling arm action, retrieving objects from the pool bottom after a duck-dive, transitioning seamlessly between back and front floats, and performing an initial kneeling dive with support. Additionally, the class covers a 5 metre independent back kick, demonstrating pulling arms with a noodle for propulsion, and a 7 metre independent front swim with coordinated pulling arms and flutter kick. These skills focus on building confidence and independence in the water.

4. Octopus

In this level, swimmers will develop advanced aquatic skills, including sculling head-first on their back, treading water for 30 seconds with sculling arm action, and performing an independent kneeling dive. The class also covers a 7 metre back kick with a strong flutter kick, catch-up freestyle for 5 metres with coordinated arm and leg movements, and survival backstroke kick with propulsive action using a board. Additionally, children will gain confidence in the 25 metre pool leisure area, mastering submerging, maintaining vertical and horizontal body positions, and transitioning smoothly into the "big pool."

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My swimmer has moved up a level

If your swimmer has moved up a level, staff will notify you in person and via email. From there you can change your swimmers class easily online through the Swim School Portal.

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