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Rates explained

What do I get for my rates?

Your rates help pay for more than 100 different community services and programs. These include Fremantle Arts Centre, the library and toy library, Fremantle Leisure Centre, festivals and events, waste collection, environment services, sporting and recreation facilities, community safety, customer service, street sweeping and so much more.

How are rates calculated?

WALGA has produced a helpful guide to how rates are calculated and applied, what can make them go up and the impact of property values. You can also watch their rates explainer video:

When are rates notices issued?

The City expects to issue rates notices in late July.

Why are there separate differential rate categories?

The City applies differential rates by taking into account the levels of services provided to different types of properties, the cost of providing services to certain types of properties, as well as the need to encourage certain types of activities in the city.

Our categories are:

  • Residential improved
  • Residential vacant
  • Commercial and industrial general
  • Commercial and industrial vacant
  • City centre commercial
  • Nightclubs
  • Residential short-term accommodation

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