Residential bins – organic and recycling

Find out how about your residential bins service for household waste, including bin collection days, what goes in the bins, reporting a missed bin service, and requesting bin repairs or replacement.

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Download the 2018-19 City of Fremantle Waste Collection Calendar

Christmas Collection Days

Normal Domestic Collection DayHolidayAmended Domestic Collection Day
Monday, 24 December 2018 Monday, 24 December 2018
Tuesday, 25 December 2018Christmas DayWednesday, 26 December 2018
Wednesday, 26 December 2018 Thursday, 27 December 2018
Thursday, 27 December 2018 Friday, 28 December 2018
Monday, 31 December 2018 Monday, 31 December 2018
Tuesday, 1 January 2019New Years DayWednesday, 2 January 2019
Wednesday, 2 January 2019 Thursday, 3 January 2019
Thursday, 3 January 2019 Friday, 4 January 2019

Current two-bin service

  • The City currently provides a two-bin waste collection service to residents:Organic household waste: 240 litre bin with green lid – collected weekly
  • Recycling: 240 litre or 360 litre* bin with yellow lid – collected fortnightly.

*Find out how to request a 360 litre recycling bin.
*Find out how to request a new residential bin.

What goes in your bins

Acceptable Recyclables List – August 2018


Only the following items should be placed into the yellow-top recycling bin:

High-level list:

  • Paper (excluding shredded paper)
  • Cardboard (flattened)
  • Glass (clean and empty)
  • Plastic containers and plastic bottles (clean and empty)
  • Aluminium cans (clean and empty)
  • Steel cans (clean and empty).

Detailed list:


All aluminium cans including:

  • Beer cans
  • Soft drink cans
  • Coffee/Milo tins


All steel cans/tins including:

  • Food tins (rinsed)
  • Pet food tins (rinsed)
  • Beer bottle tops
  • Jar lids


  • Cardboard boxes (flattened)
  • Beer cartons (flattened)
  • Cereal boxes (remove bag)
  • Egg cartons
  • Greeting cards
  • Toilet Paper/Paper towel rolls (roll only)
  • Washing Power boxes (empty)


  • Newspapers
  • Paper (not shredded)
  • Paper bags
  • Computer paper (not shredded)
  • Envelopes
  • Fruit juice cartons (not silver lined)
  • Milk cartons (not silver lined)
  • Glossy magazines/brochures
  • Junk mail
  • Wrapping paper


  • Milk bottles
  • Soft drink bottles
  • Water bottles
  • Ice cream containers
  • Margarine tubs
  • Yoghurt containers
  • Plastic containers from kitchen (rinsed and empty) ie sauce bottles
  • Plastic containers from laundry (rinsed and empty) ie detergent bottles
  • Plastic containers from bathroom (rinsed and empty) ie shampoo bottles
  • Take-away food containers (rinsed, not polystyrene)


  • Glass bottles and jars including:
  • Beer bottles
  • Coffee jars
  • Sauce bottles (rinsed)
  • Spirit bottles
  • Wine bottle


  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic film
  • Expanded plastic/polystyrene meat trays
  • Nappies
  • Clothes and textiles
  • Garden and food waste
  • Dirty pizza boxes
  • Gas bottles
  • Aerosol cans
  • Electronic waste
  • Batteries
  • Ropes, cables and hose
  • Materials in bags

For alternative disposal for the above, please visit the recycle right website:

Placement of bins on collection day

To ensure your bin is collected, please:

  • Place your bins on the verge by 6.00 am on your collection day.
  • Ensue the bin(s) are placed as close to the kerbline as possible.
  • Place bins at least half a metre away from each other.
  • Ensure your bin lid is closed.
  • Place your bin clear of parked cars, trees, street lights and signs.

If you have a disability or medical conditions and cannot place your bin out, please contact us on 9432 9999 for assistance.

Future roll out of three-bin service

In 2019-20, the City will be rolling out the new Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) service. This service comprises a three-bin system, including:

  • Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO): a 240 litre with a lime green lid
  • Recycling (non-organic): a 240 litre bin with a yellow lid
  • General waste: a 140 litre bin with a red lid.

The roll-out will include a high-profile education program to let people know what to put in each bin and how the system will work.

To find out more, view the City’s FOGO a go-go media release (31/5/18).

Request a 360 litre recycling bin (yellow lid)

Did you know you can request a larger recycling bin for $32.50?

To order your 360 litre bin, simply complete the form below and submit it to the City with your payment.

Your 240 litre bin will be replaced with a 360 litre bin within 3-5 days from receipt of your application.

Application for 360 litre recycling bin – residential properties only

Report a missed bin service

Bins are missed due to various reasons ie a vehicle was in the way, locked gate, bin located in a different area.

A missed bin should not be reported until after 3pm on the day of service.

To request a pick-up for a missed bin service, please contact us. 

Report a damaged or broken bin

If your bin has been damaged or broken, please contact us to have the bin repaired or replaced.

The City can replace lids, hinges and wheels. However, a new bin will be provided if the main body of the bin is damaged.

Once requested, your bin will be repaired/replaced within 3-5 days.

Important notes

  • Repairs/replacements will only be undertaken for City bins i.e. with the City logo.
  • Minimise filling of the damaged bin if possible.
  • Leave the damaged bin on the verge for repair/replacement.

Report a lost or stolen bin

If your bin has been lost or stolen, please contact us for a replacement.

Once requested, your new bin will be replaced within 3-5 days. The bin will be placed on the verge of your property.

Important note: Before contacting the City, check your neighbouring properties, as the bin may have been relocated to a house in the same street.

Report damage to property

The City’s rubbish collection trucks may damage private or public property from time to time.

If your property has been damaged, please submit the following details in writing to the City of Fremantle (in person, by mail or email to

  • Your name and contact details.
  • Street or property address.
  • If possible, the type of truck e.g. Cleanaway, City of Fremantle or Contractor vehicle.
  • Details of damage caused (include photographs if possible).

Upon receipt of your letter, a City officer will be in contact to arrange to view the property damage and make a formal report.

More information and contacts

Visit the Recycle Right website to find out what happens to the waste that is collected from your property.

For waste collection enquiries please contact the City on 9432 9999 or email

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