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Register for collection

As a business, school or community group, the City will collect the containers to save you time! Not only will you save on recycling costs, you will also receive 10-cents for every eligible drink container collected. Minimum quantities apply.

Setting up a collection point at your business, club or school is easy and there are no set up fees. Simply email the City’s Waste team and they will be in touch to arrange the delivery and collection of your new bins.

How does it work?

To help set you up, the City will issue a number of mobile garbage bins for the collections based on the volumes you expect to generate and empty them on an agreed collection schedule. Containers will be taken back to the refund point, counted and sorted. The refunds will be paid on all eligible beverage containers.

By setting up a Member Number, you can arrange for funds to be electronically transferred on the day the containers are processed. Sign up for a Member Number; it's the easy way to receive your refund via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) into your bank account or you can now receive your refund through PayPal. 


The City will set-up an agreement between both parties. You can decide to cancel the agreement at any time by providing 14 days’ notice and providing access for the mobile garbage bins to be picked up.

Registering is easy! Simply email the City’s Waste team and they will be in touch to arrange the delivery of your new bins. 



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