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Requests and private agreements


Requesting restriction change and line installation

Residents may contact the City to consider restrictions and line/signage installation in their streets. The current residential and multi-purpose parking permit policy states ‘the City's preferred method is to allow for natural ebb and flow of traffic in non-commercial areas’.

The City would like to refrain from unnecessary line installation. In circumstances such as parking near an intersection, in front of a driveway or on foot path/pedestrian crossing, signage may not work well as a preventative measure and frequent patrols may be preferred.

If you wish these changes to be made, forward a detail explanation to the City for consideration. The City will assess the area and conduct an internal and external consultation to identify the best solution.

Private agreements

Businesses, strata management companies and land owners can apply for a private parking agreement (also known as private property agreements) with the City to enforce Parking Local Law 2021 on any private owned land.

Upon receiving the application, the City will pay a site visit and assess the requirements and eligibility. Please be aware that all applications are subject to approval.

Sign requirements for private parking agreements

Proper and adequate signs are required for the City's integrated patrols officers to enforce the parking by-laws. These signs will be installed by the City at an additional cost. Signs must be installed within a distance indicated by Australian Standards AS 1743-2001. City will install minimum signage when it can to avoid sign pollution.

  • Private parking agreement application can be found here.
  • Fees associated can be found here.

Contact us on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736) if you have any questions.

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