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Resident permits and perks


Free after three - free resident parking

All residents are eligible to apply for a permit to park to for free within the Fremantle city centre at certain times.

The permit is valid Monday to Sunday (seven days per week) for on-street (kerbside) parking:

  • free parking from 9am - 11am. Permit holders must abide the posted time limits (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours)
  • free parking from 3pm - 5pm. Permit holders must abide the posted time limits (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours)
  • free parking from 5pm - 9am. No time limits apply
  • on-street (kerbside) parking only. Car parks not included.

See the Free residents parking permit conditions of use for more information.

Complete the online application form.
Change of car registration application form

Multi-purpose parking permits

If you are a resident or a ratepayer living in either a time restricted or fee-paying area and do not have adequate off-street parking, you may be eligible for a residential parking permit. 

  • A residential paid parking permit is a sticker affixed to the windscreen of the assigned vehicle. It displays the registration number, expiry date and the streets the permit is valid for.
  • A multi-purpose parking permit is a permit in form of a card that can be transferred to different vehicles such as visitors. Properties that are in a fee-paying street (ticketed area) are not eligible for multi-purpose parking permits.

If you live in a group of units, permits can be issued subject to approval if there are less than 9 units in the residential complex i.e. no permits will be issued to a residential complex that has 9 or more units. 

All multi-purpose parking permit applications

Residential and multi-purpose parking permit online application
Residential and multi-purpose permit application - updates
Residential and multi-purpose parking permit application - conditions of use
Residential and multi-purpose parking permit policy

City of Fremantle licence plates

Customised City of Fremantle license plates are available for purchase. Contact our customer service centre on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736) to enquire of the available plate numbers. The customised license plates cost $380.00

Please allow 6–8 weeks to process the application.

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