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From the council chambers

DISCLAIMER – These videos are summarised versions of council meetings designed to convey the key components of council decisions.

For more detail and for exact wording on any of the above items the City strongly recommends viewers download a full copy of the minutes of this meeting. Minutes can be found on the agenda and minutes page.

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  • Position made on Fishing Boat Harbour.
  • Restriction of cats in natural areas.
  • Planning approval for Deus Ex Machina
  • Adoption of new community safety and crime prevention plan.


  • Film friendly Freo.
  • WRAP to supersede reconciliation policy.
  • New bike plan.


  • Community safety and crime prevention plan.
  • Sustainable buildings policies.
  • Kings Square Renewal project stage one public works.


  • Budget 2019-20.
  • Walyalup Reconciliation Action Plan.
  • Gas filled balloons.


  • Fremantle Youth Network Climate Change Advocacy.
  • Booyeembara Park Mountain Bike Trail.
  • Davis Park Local Structure Plan - Lodgement.


  • Kings Square public realm.
  • Arthur's Head conservation future.
  • New site for Aboriginal cultural centre.


  • No March 2019 episode.


  • Local Law - drones and balloons.
  • Street Doctor.
  • Film Friendly Policy.
  • Fremantle Alternative.


  • No January 2019 episode.

Music in these videos by Bensound.

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