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Report an incident or graffiti


Report an incident

  • For any incident requiring urgent police attendance (life threatening) call 000.
  • For police attendance for all other matters call 131 444 – this is the Police Communications Centre and you will get a priority response.

To make a general comment or suggestion you can also fill out and return an incident reporting sheet.

This sheet is not to take the place of reporting a crime or an offence to the police. It is designed to let police know of any trouble spots, for example cars doing burn-outs or driving over parks, vandalism, graffiti, possible break-ins (home or vehicle), strange or unusual behaviour in your area. 

Download and complete the community safety incident reporting sheet.

Report graffiti

Complete a request using our eservices graffiti form. If you need advice on how to use the  form please call 1300 693 736. 

  • Graffiti is a criminal offence and can result in a criminal record, fines and/or penalties.
  • Graffiti costs are paid by everyone in our community in some way.
  • If you witness someone doing graffiti, you can make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Graffiti removal

  • The City of Fremantle will remove graffiti that is visible from a public road or public open space.
  • The removal of offensive graffiti – that is graffiti that is of a rude or racial nature – is given priority.
  • The City’s graffiti team carry a limited amount of paint and are not always able to match the paint on your building.
  • Generally, graffiti can be removed within 2 working days of being reported.
  • The City has chemicals to remove graffiti, but this does not always remove the graffiti in its entirety. These chemicals can only be used on certain surfaces (bare brick, limestone, glass etc), therefore repainting is generally a better option.

Revised graffiti policy FAQ

The below FAQs are intended to clear some of the confusion surrounding the revised City of Fremantle Graffiti Policy:

What is the revised policy and why was it implemented?

The revised policy focuses the City’s graffiti clean–up priorities on offensive graffiti and tags.The major new feature of the policy is that the City is now able to make a decision about unauthorised works as to whether and/or when it will be removed

Will ‘tags’ still be removed?

Graffiti known commonly as ‘tags’ or ‘tagging’ will be removed immediately upon its discovery by City officers or when reported to the City by the community.

Does this mean I can now go and choose a wall in the City to do some art?

No. If you are found by the police to mark a property in the City then they will charge you with an offence.

What if I want to do an artwork on a City wall?

You need to go through a mural application process. The City’s public art officer can assist you with this application. Alternatively, the City has an urban art program and if you would like to get involved contact the City’s youth officer on 08 9432 9874.

Are there locations in Fremantle where I can do graffiti without getting arrested?

There are no sites in the City where you do not run the risk of getting arrested for graffiti. Unauthorised art or marking a wall without permission was, and continues to be a criminal offence.

What if I get arrested by the police for doing graffiti and you like my graffiti so you keep it?

The act of marking a wall is an offence no matter how good your work is. If you are caught doing unauthorised artwork you can be arrested and charged. This is a police matter.

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