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Health and wellbeing


Local government is widely recognised as the tier of government closest to the community in supporting and influencing the health and well-being outcomes.

Health is impacted by a number of factors often outside the control of the individual. These factors are referred to as the social determinants of health and include socio-economic status, employment, income, education, housing, social support, access to health care, drug addiction, transport, food security and community safety.

From a community perspective, the health and well-being of the population contributes to social interaction and the vitality of the community. For example, it enables participation in sports, volunteering, arts, culture and other activities that bring the community together. By contrast, poor health and well-being reduces this participation and brings with it the high costs of medical care and other community services.

The range of health and well-being services delivered by the City help to establish many of the necessary conditions upon which good health and well-being is dependant. Whether it is waste collection, urban planning, road maintenance, local government health services or the provision of aquatic centres and gymnasiums; the functions performed by the City either directly or indirectly have a significant bearing on the health and well-being of the community.

How local government can make a difference in health and well-being

Our vision

To protect, promote and enhance the health and wellbeing of our community by implementing strategies that improve opportunities for active and healthy living.

Position statement

The City aims to enhance the health, wellbeing and quality of life for the community through:

  • Assessing, reviewing and responding to current and future public health and wellbeing needs, issues and emerging trends, based on best practice, sustainability and evidence based decision making processes.
  • Developing collaborative partnerships with internal and external key stakeholders.
  • Integrating public health and wellbeing into existing services and programs.
  • Facilitating the vision for a healthy and sustainable community through greater community participation and development on health issues.
  • Aligning with and providing strategic links and relationships with local, state and national strategic plans and policies that impact on health and wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing profile

The City of Fremantle Health and Wellbeing Profile 2016, published by the Western Australian Department of Health's South Metropolitan Health Promotion Service, [2016]) has identified specific areas of public health relating to persons (aged 16 years and over) in the Fremantle community.

City of Fremantle Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017–21

The City is currently developing its first Health and Well-being Strategy. This Strategy meets the City’s legislative obligations under the WA Public Health Act 2016, and establishes an integrated health and well-being planning process that fits into City’s corporate planning framework under the Local Government Act 1995. The aim of this Strategy is to support the City’s vision for a healthy community and enhance the community’s ability to lead healthy, active and rewarding lives. The Strategy will operate over a five year period.

Healthy focus areas

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