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Rubbish and pollution control


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If you see rubbish being dumped on council property or on any reserves, contact our rangers on 1300 360 666 or email

When can I burn backyard rubbish?

You cannot burn off backyard rubbish in the City of Fremantle due to the smoke nuisance and fire danger - if you are caught burning off rubbish you may be fined. The City of Fremantle does not have a tip or tip passes. The City of Cockburn tip located on Rockingham Rd, Henderson, is available for your use. Fees apply. Contact the City of Cockburn on 08 9411 3444.

Unauthorised discharges / pollution

The Environmental Protection (Unauthorised Discharges) Regulations 2004 regulate what is prohibited to be disposed of into the environment or burned. Persons in connection with a business have the responsibility to dispose of waste in the correct manner in order to protect our environment.

Persons in connection with a business found to be discharging materials such as acids, compounds of heavy metals, degreasers or detergents, paint or solvents, pesticides, sewage and oils, fats or grease can be fined up to $5 000.

Persons in connection with a business found to be burning materials which produce dark smoke may be fined up to $5 000. These materials include paint, carpet, plastic, vehicles, rubber and tyres.

If you witness a person discharging material into the environment or burning materials that produce black smoke then please contact our compliance services team here.

If you wish to report a significant pollution event then you should contact the Department of Environment and Regulation on the 24hr pollution hotline by phoning 1300 784 782 or via email

Dumped hazardous material

The City receives requests for removal of dumped material which could be hazardous. Suspected asbestos dumped on council property can be removed by the City on request to our waste management team. Call 9432 9999 to lodge your request.

Drums containing an unknown liquid should be treated with concern and the City may need to employ the services of the Department of Environment and Regulation for investigation.

For all hazardous materials complaints contact our compliance services team here.


A number of properties in Fremantle contain asbestos materials and with the growing popularity of home renovations, it is important for property owners to understand the risks.

The City's environmental health officers are able to:

  • investigate complaints about asbestos
  • check on activities involving asbestos removal to ensure it has minimal impact on neighbours and the work complies with legislative requirements
  • provide advice to residents on managing asbestos and the risk of exposure

The Department of Commerce licence approved contractors for asbestos removal. The City's environmental health officers administer the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992 but are not involved with the approval of contractors.

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