Responsible pet ownership


Responsible dog ownership includes:

  • registering your dog from 3 months of age
  • having your dog on a leash at all times, when not on your property, unless in an approved dog walking area
  • the maximum number of dogs ordinarily permitted to keep on a premise is 2.


Barking is a dog’s natural means of communication and often signifies its alertness to danger or intruders. However, a dog that persistently barks to a degree or extent not normally habitual in dogs constitutes a nuisance.

The cause of nuisance barking may be:

  • lack of training
  • insufficient exercise
  • loneliness
  • inadequate shelter
  • ill health 
  • deliberate or unintentional provocation by people or other dogs.

If our rangers consider your dog to be a nuisance you may be issued with an infringement notice or taken to court.

Restricted breeds

A restricted breed is defined as a breed of dog the importation of which is prohibited absolutely by the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.

Cleaning up after your dog

Permitting your dog to excrete in public and failing to adequately remove or dispose of such excreta constitutes an offence under the City of Fremantle Dog Local Laws. Please ensure you have something to clean up after your dog.


The Act requires the identification through micro-chipping, sterilisation and registration of domestic cats in WA. The cat laws came into effect in November 2013.

Responsible cat ownership includes:

  • sterilising your cat – we offer sterilisation subsidies
  • micro-chipping your cat
  • ensuring your cat wears a collar with a bell – protecting wildlife
  • bringing your cat in at night – protects wildlife, reduces the risk of cats being hit by cars and cat fights
  • it is recommended that cats be confined to the owners property
  • your cat will be required to wear a collar and registration tag.

For complaints regarding persons keeping more than 3 cats which are causing a nuisance, contact our compliance services team here.

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