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Responsible pet ownership




Microchipping is a very quick, safe and simple procedure which can be carried out by your local vet. Please contact your vet to arrange an appointment.

Please make sure your contact details remain current with the microchipping company. Non-compliance may result in infringements or court action.


Local Laws require dog owner/s, or person/s in control of the dog to be responsible for the removal of excrement from any street or public place - as well as private property without the consent of the occupier.

Failing to remove or dispose of excreta is an offence and you may be infringed with a penalty of $100.

Barking dogs

The City of Fremantle fully appreciates that a nuisance dog barking can be irritating and that everyone has different tolerance levels and sensitivities to a dog barking.

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons and may appear to be barking for 'no reason' however the dog is trying to communicate with anyone nearby. Sometimes the owner is quite unaware their dog has been barking.

Why do dogs bark?

  • Lack of exercise.
  • Inadequate yard space.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Boredom or lack of stimulation, both mental and physical.
  • Not enough human companionship.
  • Inadequate shelter from weather conditions.
  • Hunger or thirst.
  • Medical condition such as an illness or discomfort.
  • Provocation/Disturbances.
  • Change to family structure/separation anxiety that can lead to destructiveness, howling or escaping.

Residents are encouraged to resolve the barking situation by:

Politely speaking to the dog owner or placing a note in their letterbox to advise that their dog is causing a nuisance by barking.

If you have contacted the dog owner and are getting no results, please call the Community Safety Team on 1300 360 666 to report.

As per S38 Dog Act 1976 to lodge a formal complaint you must complete a “Barking Diary” for a period of 14 days in the first instance along with a prescribed form (form 7). The purpose of this is for rangers to assess how much the dog is actually barking and if constitutes a nuisance. The diaries may be used as evidence should the matter go to court.

To download a "Barking Diary” please click here 

Dog attacks 

Dog attacks are a very serious matter. If your dog attacks another person you will be held responsible even if you were not there at the time. The only exemption is where the dog was provoked to attack. A dog attack includes a dog aggressively rushing at or attempting to attack a person or animal, as well as tearing clothing, biting or causing physical injury. You should report dog attacks immediately to the Community Safety & Rangers Team.

Should you sustain physical injuries you will need to photograph the injuries, document any medical treatment/reports and provide a statement. It is important to record the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses where possible. Remember the more evidence and witness statements available will raise the chances of a successful prosecution.

Reporting an attack enables Community Safety Officers to investigate the allegations and take the appropriate action under the Dog Act 1976.​

Restricted breeds

The Western Australian State Government has introduced tough new regulations on restricted dog breeds. For more information, please click here


The Cat Act was introduced by the State Government with the aim of encouraging responsible pet ownership and reducing the number of unwanted cats across Western Australia.

From 1 November 2013, under the Act, owners of cats (over the age of 6 months) must ensure they have their feline pets:

  • Micro-chipped, wearing a collar and registration tags - for identification purposes if the animal becomes lost or injured.
  • Sterilised – unless being used for breeding purposes by an approved breeder.
  • Registered – with their local council. 

Cats are required to wear a collar and a current registration tag. This will help in safely returning your cat if it is ever lost. Cat owners found to be non-compliant with these requirements may face a $200 infringement and fines of up to $5000 if prosecuted.

If the owner of a cat cannot be identified, it may be transported to the City’s Cat Management Facility, Cat Haven.

Nuisance cats

If you have a cat on your property that is causing a nuisance, you can set a trap in your yard. Cat traps are available to Fremantle residents for the primary purpose of trapping stray or feral cats. For further information please call 1300 360 666.

Hiring of traps

  • Traps can be hired on a weekly basis. As of 1 July 2019 the fee is $20 ( 7 days).
  • Traps may only be hired by City of Fremantle residents.
  • The hirer must convey the cat to the city Cat Management Facility – Cat Haven.
  • The hirer must complete and sign a hire agreement form.
  • The hirer is to only set the trap within their property, not on Local Government land or any other land without permission..
  • The hirer has read the Guidelines to Trapping and agrees they will adhere to these guidelines.
  • The Hirer has read and understands the relevant provisions in Section 19 of the Animal Welfare Act 2002 as listed within the Guidelines to Trapping

If a cat is trapped and is found to be registered, microchipped and sterilised it will be returned to the registered owner or transported to the Cat Haven for impounding. View our Cat Management Local Law 2020 for more information on the hiring of traps.

What is a responsible cat owner?

  • Installing an outdoor cat enclosure.
  • Vaccinating your cat.
  • Not allowing your cats to roam. Most people are aware that cats should be brought in during the evening to reduce hunting but it will also assist in reducing cats being involved in road accidents, catching diseases and fighting with other cats.
  • Ensuring your cat wears a collar and bell.

For complaints regarding persons keeping more than 3 cats which are causing a nuisance, contact our compliance services team here.

Cat prohibited areas

There are 12 cat prohibited areas within the City of Fremantle and owners are subject to a $200 fine if they do not comply:

  1. Booyeembara Park
  2. The Royal Fremantle Golf Course
  3. The Fremantle Public Golf Course
  4. Bathers Beach Reserve
  5. Sir Frederick Samson Park
  6. Cantonment Hill
  7. Leighton Beach Reserve
  8. Port Beach Reserve
  9. Rocky Bay Reserve
  10. North Fremantle Foreshore Reserve (including Prawn Bay)
  11. South Beach Reserve
  12. Hollis Park, Sandown Park and any other land within the boundary of the former South Fremantle landfill site.

Tips for walking your cat on a lead

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