A group of people watching a person present ideas on a white piece of paper/What are precincts?

The Fremantle precinct system (precincts) is part of a range of community engagement practices used by the City of Fremantle.

Precinct groups are run by community members to offer opportunities for information sharing, they "work in partnership with the City of Fremantle to get things done for the good of the community" (Precinct Working Group, September 2010). 

Precinct meetings are open forums where any community member can attend and engage on a range of community issues. 

There are 11 precinct groups recognised by the City of Fremantle:

  • Arts Centre
  • Inner City
  • Hilton
  • O'Connor
  • South City
  • White Gum Valley
  • Beaconsfield
  • Gibson Park
  • North Fremantle
  • Samson
  • South Fremantle

Precinct guidelines

Read more about the precincts and how they run in the Precincts Policy.

Freospace - a website for community conversations

Freospace is supported by the City to encourage precinct interaction around community issues. It provides further information about each precinct, including contact details, meeting information, minutes of meetings, and opinion and comment from members on the precinct blog  

Which precinct do you belong to?

Check the precinct map.

Precinct contacts

To find your local precinct contacts visit Freospace.

Precinct meeting schedule

Visit Freospace for the schedule of upcoming meetings.

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