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Roads and footpaths


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Road and footpath management responsibilities

The City of Fremantle is responsible for local roads and footpaths, as defined in the  Local Government Act 1995.

Main Roads has responsibility for the state's road network, as set out in the Main Roads Act 1930 and the Road Traffic Act 1974 (including the Road Traffic Code 2000).

Road or street maintenance issues

Please complete the form below to report a local road or street issue, including pothole, uneven road surface or other issue (note, you will be redirected to the City's Customer Portal).

Report road or street maintenance issue - online form

Road closures

Roads may be closed for a variety of reasons, such as a street event, street party, the City or its contractors carrying out road works and other service providers working on infrastructure.

For more information on permanent road closure and amalgamation with private property see Right of ways, roads and pedestrian accessways.

Apply for road closure

For road works, you will need to complete an application for obstruction along with with a traffic management plan by an accredited traffic consultant in accordance with the Australian Standard 1742.3 and Main Roads WA Traffic Management Code of Practice.

Contact our Infrastructure and Project Delivery Compliance Administration Officer on 08 9432 9999 for more information.

For street events and street parties, contact our Events Coordinator to discuss your needs on 08 9432 9999 and they will advise you of all necessary requirements.

Footpath issues and requests

Please complete the online form below to report an issue with a footpath e.g. raised pavers, cracks, missing section, raised tree root or other issue (note, you will be redirected to the City's Customer Portal).

Report a footpath issues - online form

Important note: If works have yellow metal barriers around them within the footpath or road reserve, these are the responsibility of Telstra. Please contact Telstra directly.

Where reasonably practicable on the grounds of sustainability and physical space, footpaths are constructed on both sides of the street. Footpaths may be omitted from one side of the street where:

  • There is no development fronting that part of the street
  • Topography or vegetation precludes provision for a footpath (i.e. tree avenues, power poles)
  • Vehicle speeds are low i.e less than 40 km/h
  • Future traffic volumes will be less than 300 vehicles per day
  • Where the street does not connect or contact land uses which generates high levels of pedestrian activity.

The City has a footpath replacement program. To find out if your area is on the current program or to request a footpath, please contact the City's Facilities and Assets Officer on 08 9432 9999.

Riding on footpaths

All-age cycling on footpaths is legal in Western Australia. Anyone can cycle on a footpath, but there are some conditions. Visit the Department of Transport website for more information.

Permit to obstruct a road reserve, verge or parking bay

If you need to obstruct a parking bay, you will be required to apply for a reserved parking permit

Any obstruction of the road reserve or a verge (i.e. bins, cranes / cherry pickers, building materials / equipment, vehicles, scaffolding, safety fencing etc), requires permission from the City by completing an application for obstruction. A traffic / pedestrian management plan from an accredited traffic consultant will need to be included with the application.  Fees listed on the application form are required to be paid upon application and a verge protection bond may be payable at the discretion of the Manager Infrastructure Projects. Please note that credit card payments incur a 0.05% transaction fee. American Express is not accepted for any payments to the City of Fremantle.

The minimum clearance from obstructions along the footpath should be 1.2 m to ensure universal access is maintained.

Signage issues

The City is responsible for wayfinding, parking, street name, community facility directional signage and reserve signage (identified with the City of Fremantle emblem).

Please complete the online form below to report a City of Fremantle signage issue (note, you will be redirected to the City's Customer Portal).

Report a signage issue - online form

Important note: For issues with regulatory signs e.g. stop, give way etc. (all signs with a yellow pole) please report directly to Main Roads.

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