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Parks and verges FAQ


Who do I talk to about dangerous trees on verges?

Contact our parks and landscape team on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736) to arrange for the tree to be inspected and to take necessary action.

Who can I talk to about trees overhanging my property?

For all verge trees enquiries, contact our parks and landscape team on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736). For trees on private property, contact your neighbour or refer to the dividing fences brochure produced by the Building Commission of Western Australia.

Can I prune my street tree?

The City of Fremantle's street and reserve tree policy states that the City is responsible for the pruning of all street trees. Qualified City officers will routinely prune street and verge trees. Contact our parks and landscape team on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736).

Who do I speak to about removal of trees on a verge?

The City of Fremantle has strict guidelines for considering the removal of trees. If there is a tree that you would like considered removed, you will need to make a submission in writing to the Parks and Landscape Coordinator. Click here to send an email or post to City of Fremantle, PO Box 807, Fremantle 6959.

Can I have a tree planted on my verge?

The City of Fremantle takes requests for the annual tree planting program. Advertisements are placed in the local newspaper in March each year that call for submissions. To request a tree simply complete the e-services (Parks & Landscape) request online, or contact us at 1300 MY FREO.

Will the City mow my verge?

The City will continue to mow arterial road verges, bus route road verges and identified hazardous road verges. These will all be services at a frequency of 6 times per year.

All Verges are City property however it is the Residents responsibility to maintain it.

Is there any assistance available for residential verge mowing?

The City offers both the Neighbour to Neighbour and Positive Ageing Assistance programs. These programs can provide assistance with many items and are available to City of Fremantle residents that meet the program criteria.

Further detail of this program and application process can be found by clicking on the below links.

Positive Ageing Assistance | City of Fremantle

Neighbour to Neighbour (N2N) | City of Fremantle

Can I have mulch for my verge?

Keep mulch well maintained and ensure it does not spill on the footpath or road. Some topsoil might need to be removed from the verge to keep the mulch level with the top of the kerb and footpath.

A limited supply of FOGO-derived compost is for sale at the Fremantle Recycling Centre for $5 per 25-litre bag, with a limit of 5 bags. The bags contain 30% FOGO-derived material from the FOGO bins in the City of Fremantle, City of Melville, and Town of East Fremantle. 

Free mulch is available from the Fremantle Recycling Centre.

Please refer to the Verge Beautification Guidelines information available online for further information on verges; or the Parks and Landscape team will post a copy to the customer.

Who do I speak to about maintenance of parks and gardens?

Contact our parks and landscape team on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736).

Who do I speak to about sprinklers being left on?

If you notice sprinklers have been left on in any of the City's parks or reserves, contact our city works team on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736).

Sprinklers being excessively used on private properties should be reported to the Water Corporation's Waterwise Helpline on 13 10 39 or the Water Corporation website.

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