Western Power verge tree pruning

Given Fremantle is an older collection of suburbs and still has a high proportion of overhead power lines, much of our verge pruning program is driven by Western Power guidelines for power line clearance.

Current Western Power pruning schedule (October 2018 - June 2019)

Every month the City is advised by Western Power of locations in Fremantle requiring street tree pruning. The City then passes on these details to our tree pruning contractor who carries out the work.

The current schedule for street pruning is below. Pruning will only occur to trees identified by Western Power or the City of Fremantle and not to every tree on the streets listed.



In Progress

South Fremantle




North Fremantle 



White Gum Valley

Note - Due to weather, accessibility and other variables it's impossible to advise the exact day or time of tree pruning on any particular street.

Residents are reminded that they are not permitted to prune verge trees.

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