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Fremantle Recycling Centre

Entry to Fremantle Recycling Centre

Fremantle Recycling Centre is free to all City of Fremantle and Town of East Fremantle residents with the presentation of a photo ID showing your residential address (e.g. driver’s license). If your photo ID does not contain your current residential address, please also bring a rates notice or a bill to verify residency. 

**Town of East Fremantle residents will also need to bring their bulk drop-off letter to drop off bulky items.**

Entry passes are now digital for City of Fremantle Residents

City of Fremantle residents can visit the Fremantle Recycling Centre with proof of residency (ie: driver's license and utility bill) to claim their entry pass. No voucher letter is required. Staff will record entries on our new app. This will alleviate issues with lost letters and reduce paper usage.

In addition to recyclable materials, residents are entitled to six (6) drop-offs of household bulk waste per year. Entry passes are for residential properties only and are restricted to one box trailer per pass.

Location and opening hours

The Fremantle Recycling Centre is located at 19A Montreal Street, Fremantle.

Open hours:

Fridays: 12–4pm (Re-use Shop open)
Saturday and Sunday: 8am–4pm (Re-use Shop open) 

The recycling centre is closed on public holidays.

What can I bring to the Fremantle Recycling Centre?

Please note: Exotic beetle Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer (PSHB) has recently been the Perth metropolitan area, if you suspect an infestation in your garden, please report it to the Pest and Disease Information Service on (08) 9368 3080 or email . The Fremantle Recycling Centre is unable to accept loads of green waste containing PSHB. This does not affect other green waste collections such as the verge collection (now complete) or FOGO bin collections due to the processing treatment it receives.

Accepted items 

Free Voucher Fee**
  • Aerosol cans
  • Batteries (vehicle)
  • Bread tags
  • Can clips (at Fremantle Containers for Change)
  • Cardboard
  • Clean and unbroken blocks, bricks, and pavers
  • Coffee pods
  • Contact lens and packaging including plastic film, pods and cardboard packaging (not contact lens solution bottles)
  • Cooking Oil (up to 20L)
  • Electrical appliances and electrical cables
  • Electronic waste; computers, tv's and accessories
  • Good quality clothing, shoes, and bags for charity
  • Greenwaste - maximum of one trailer load per day (6x4 trailer size) of clean green waste including shrub and tree prunings; up to 1.5m in length and 30cm in diameter (see note above)
  • Lids - plastic bottle and food container lids that can't be placed in kerbside recycling (eg. smaller than palm of your hand, milk bottle lids)
  • Masks* (non-woven disposable eg. surgical, dust masks, N95 and KN95)
  • Medicinal blister packs (empty)
  • Mobile phones
  • Motor oil (up to 20L)
  • Oil filters (maximum 5)
  • Plastic plant pots
  • Polystyrene
  • Printer cartridges
  • Razor blades and packaging
  • Recyclables (same materials that go in your yellow-lidded bin)
  • Stationary - new or near new for Give Write
  • Scrap metal
  • Shoes, clothes, soft toys, underwear, accessories and home textiles by Upcycle4Better
  • Thongs (flip flops)
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss packets and electric toothbrush heads
  • Whitegoods
  • X-rays


  • Blinds/curtains
  • Carpet
  • Dog beds
  • Golf bags
  • Intact ceramic sinks and toilets
  • Large plastic tubs
  • Large furniture items such as tables, chairs, couches, drawers, cabinets
  • Office chairs
  • Sheet glass, mirrors and shower screens (placed directly into junk bins)
  • Strollers, prams and car seats
  • Suitcases
  • Wood and timber off-cuts
  • Bed base ($45.10 ea)
  • Greenwaste - in excess of one free pass per day ($33.50 per 6x4 trailer)
  • Mattresses ($45.10 ea)
  • Truck tyre ($28 ea)
  • Car tyre ($17 ea)
  • Motorcycle tyre ($11.50 ea)
  • Bulk waste drop off - no pass/voucher ($56.50)

The oil recycling facility has been relocated inside the Fremantle Recycling Centre and is available during opening hours.

*Disposable masks used for COVID precautions must be double-bagged and placed into the landfill bin (dark green or red lid).

**Fees valid for 2024-25. Entry passes can not be used for these items. 

Material not accepted

The recycling centre does not currently accept the following:

  • Any green waste from residents that contains borer (see above)
  • Asbestos
  • Building rubble
  • Commercial green waste, recycling or bulk waste
  • Emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs) and personal locator beacons (PLBs)
  • Explosives, ammunition and firearms
  • Fire extinguishers - halon (yellow)
  • General waste, boxes or bags of rubbish
  • Insulation
  • Medications and pharmaceuticals
  • Sand, soil, concrete, or rocks
  • Sharps and needles

For information on how to safely dispose of these items, please visit the Recycle Right website.

Did you know?

The Fremantle Recycling Centre recovers around 80% of items dropped off. There are over 35 items collected at the Fremantle Recycling Centre. These items are sent to recyclers to be remanufactured into new products, for example:


FOGO compost and mulch

Mulch is available for free to City of Fremantle or Town of East Fremantle residents from the Fremantle Recycling Centre (subject to availability).

FOGO-derived compost is available to anyone for $5 per 25-litre bag. This contains up to 30% of the food and garden organics (FOGO) from the lime green lidded bins from the City of Fremantle, City of Melville and the Town of East Fremantle. 

Household hazardous waste (HHW)

NullThe below items can be dropped off through the household hazardous waste program. This service is available to all residents including those residing outside of the City of Fremantle and the Town of East Fremantle. The program only accepts 20kg or 20 litres per material type (unless otherwise stated) and only domestic waste (no business waste accepted, unless otherwise stated):

  • Acids and alkalis
  • Aerosols
  • Batteries (household)
  • Engine coolants and glycols
  • Fire extinguishers - non-halon (red) only
  • Flammables
  • Flares
  • Fluorescent lamps and tubes (CFLs)
  • Gas cylinders (LPG BBQ and camping-sized leisure cylinders, butane canisters and single-use helium cylinders*).
  • Household chemicals and cleaners
  • Paint (you are allowed to drop off up to 100L. Commercial operators are also able to drop off up to 100L)
  • Pesticides/herbicides
  • Poisons/toxics
  • Pool chemicals
  • Smoke detectors
  • Unknown chemicals (must be in sealed, chemical-resistant containers)

* Excluded gas cylinders: car LPG tanks, large gas cylinders (such as 45kg LPG gas bottles) (contact the manufacturer for return options), Nitrous oxide canisters or "nangs" of any sizes (contact Veolia for disposal/recycling quote), Sodastream canisters (contact Sodastream for return options) and other gas chemistries (contact the manufacturer for return options, or Cleanaway for a quote on disposal).

This project is supported by the Government of Western Australia and administered by the Waste Authority.

Alternative garden waste drop off


City of Fremantle residents are also able to drop off a trailer (6x4) load of garden organic waste to the Canning Vale Centre's Garden Waste Facility, using one of the digital Fremantle Recycling Centre passes.

To use this facility:

  • Take proof of residency (photo identification) to the City's administration, Walyalup Civic Centre, 151 High Street Fremantle.
  • The City officer will take one Fremantle Recycling Centre Pass off our app.
  • A letter will be issued, allowing one standard trailer (6x4) of green waste to be dropped off to Canning Vale.
  • Present the letter and photo identification to the weighbridge attendant.

The Canning Vale Centre's Garden Waste Facility is located at 350 Bannister Road, Canning Vale, and is operated by the Resource Recovery Group. The facility is open Monday to Sunday, 8am - 4pm.

Please note: Exotic beetle Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer (PSHB) has been detected in parts of the Perth metropolitan area.

A quarantine area notice has been extended to include 17 local government areas. The Fremantle Recycling Centre is now able to accept green waste from all City of Fremantle and Town of East Fremantle residents unless borer is present. If you suspect an infestation in your garden, please report it to the Pest and Disease Information Service on (08) 9368 3080 or email . For more information, visit the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Quarantine Area Map

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