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Fremantle Reuse Shop

There are bargains galore to be found at the new Reuse Shop at the City of Fremantle’s recycling centre with a wide range of goods for sale including furniture, camping gear, surf boards, gardening equipment, toys, books, DVDs and musical instruments.

Recycling centre officers go through the bulk waste during the week to separate and recover as much material as possible, select items that are still in good working order and clean them up for sale.

Who can access the Reuse Shop?

Only residents of the City of Fremantle and Town of East Fremantle can drop off recycling at the centre, but the Reuse Shop is open to everyone.

Where is the Reuse Shop?

Fremantle Reuse Shop is located at Fremantle Recycle Centre and is open Saturdays and Sundays, 8am-4pm (excluding Christmas Day, Good Friday and New Year’s Day).

CBD recycling stations

The City has installed numerous recycling stations across the City. The stations consist of two sections:

  • Yellow lid: Recycling.
  • Red lid: Landfill waste

We need your help to ensure that only recyclable material is placed in the yellow bin, which includes glass, paper, plastic and aluminium.

Fremantle Recycling Centre

The Fremantle Recycling Centre handles a range of hazardous household items, as well as regular recyclable material. Visit Fremantle Recycling Centre to find out how you can access the facility.