South Fremantle landfill site

The former South Fremantle landfill site was operated as a waste disposal site between approximately 1930 and 1991. 88% of the total site area is owned by the City of Fremantle and the remainder is owned by the Commissioner of Main Roads Western Australia. The site is registered under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 with a classification of “contaminated – remediation required”. Since 1998 extensive site investigation and monitoring work has been undertaken, and in 2013 an Interim Site Management Plan was prepared to allow the City to continue to meet its obligations in regard to addressing contamination issues posed by the site as part of a staged approach to management of contamination.

The City understands its responsibilities and duty of care to nearby residents and the environment. Site investigation, monitoring and management activities have been and continue to be undertaken with the advice and support of the Department of Environment Regulation and the Department of Health.

Although the site has a zoning of ‘development area’ under the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 4, no structure plan has been prepared or is currently proposed in relation to redevelopment of the site, since requirements for addressing contamination issues preclude development in the short to medium term future.

A proposal for a large-scale solar farm development at the disused landfill site is to be further investigated by Australian-based Epuron through a 12 month exclusive working agreement period with the City. This will allow for due diligence, resolution of environmental and other regulatory approval matters and to seek a customer(s) for a power purchasing agreement (which may include the City of Fremantle). The construction and operation of the solar farm would be fully funded by Epuron.

Copies of various reports relating to the South Fremantle landfill site are available at the local history collection of the Fremantle library. Contact the local history collection on 08 9432 9739.

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