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Road resurfacing projects 22–23

Drone view of road resurfacing project

See the list of road resurfacing projects we're delivering across 2022–23. 


  • Road resurfacing and bike lane works. Complete 
  • Little High Street and Croke Lane
  • South Terrace and Wray Avenue intersection

South Fremantle 

  • Hampton Road from Douro Road to 30 metres south of Lefroy Road. Complete 2022
  • South Terrace from Douro Road to Jenkin Street. Complete
  • South Terrace from Douro Road to Scott Street. Complete

North Fremantle

  • Humble Way between Pamment Street and 123 Humble Way

White Gum Valley

  • Resurfacing Amherst Street between Watkins Street and the cul-de-sac. Complete 2022
  • Watkins Street, between Edmund and Swanbourne Streets. Complete 2023
  • Edmund Street between Samson and Watkins Streets. Complete 2023
  • Carrington Street from Hughes Street to 188 Carrington Street


  • Lefroy Road from Edmund and Ceasar Streets, including Curedale Street Roundabout 
  • Lewington Street


  • Marchant Road between Hollis Street and 26 Marchant Road. Complete
  • Winterfold Road between McCombe Ave and 114 Winterfold Road. Complete
  • Letchford Street. Complete
  • Ward Street. Complete
  • Hollis Street. Complete
  • Hebbard Street. Complete

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