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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a program to help neighbours watch out for neighbours.

Getting involved is easy - it is as simple as getting to know your neighbours and exchanging contact information.

The program combats crime in the most effective way – before it starts – by reducing the opportunities for crime to occur.

Your neighbours know who you are, what type of car you drive, and may be the first to notice a suspicious person at your door or window. A police officer on patrol are not always aware of the normal comings and goings in your street.

You and your neighbours are in a position to observe strangers or strange behaviour and report these suspicions to police. By simply getting to know the neighbours around you, you will be well positioned to recognise someone or something that’s suspicious.

Crime prevention is everyone’s business. Residents of a community are all responsible for its protection.

Neighbourhood Watch is a method of reducing crime by encouraging you to learn how to recognise and report suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, and how to make your home less inviting as a target for thieves.

It's also a good way to start conversations in your community and build safe, strong, caring, connected and happy communities!  

Nyoongar Outreach Service

Nyoongar Outreach Service (also known as Walyup Mort), is partly funded by the City of Fremantle and performs a vital role in reducing anti-social behaviour on our streets. The Nyoongar Patrol aims to reduce negative interaction and conflict between indigenous people with law enforcement agencies using mediation skills. The patrol provides free transportation out of the City to those that require it and offers referrals to other agencies when needed. They also deliver social and welfare services to indigenous people who are homeless, affected by substances, display anti-social behaviour, are a risk to themselves and the general community.

Patrol times are:
Tuesday to Thursday: 11.30am-6.30pm

To contact the Nyoongar Outreach Service phone 0405 307 132.


The City of Fremantle is a very safe and liveable City, however like any City it is affected by antisocial behaviour and criminal activity. In an effort to address these concerns the City has developed a CCTV network as part of their overall community safety and crime prevention Plan.

The aim of the CCTV network is to:

  • Reduce crime levels by deterring potential offenders
  • Reduce the fear of crime
  • Help ensure a fast, effective response in emergency situations
  • Assist in the detection and prosecution of offenders
  • Help secure a safer environment for the people who live in, work in and visit the City of Fremantle

The CCTV network is live monitored during peak periods allowing officers to observe and report issues to Police or the Community Safety team, allowing them to respond before the incident escalates.

The CCTV cameras are located in key areas within the CBD and are clearly marked to notify people entering the area their activity may be monitored.

Footage will only be released to:

  • police – for the purpose of investigation or prosecution
  • lawyers/Solicitors – for the purpose of legal defence of their client
  • members of the public – defending themselves in Court.

New CCTV locations will be determined in conjunction with WA Police and local stakeholders.

Requesting CCTV coverage

To request a search for CCTV footage please complete and submit the online form.

Once the form is completed and payment is received the requested will be forwarded to an operator to action. The request will be actioned within 7 working days after the form is submitted.

A fee of $103 incl GST will apply for the search of footage for all non-government organisations. If footage has been located it will be downloaded to disc and you will be advised by email of the date/time and location for collection of the footage. If no footage is located there will be no reimbursement of the search fee.

Note: the applicant acknowledges that a camera being in a particular area is not a guarantee of the desired footage being obtained. The applicant acknowledges that despite a camera being in a desired area, it may be facing alternative directions or, may have been monitoring another incident occurring in the vicinity. The City’s CCTV footage is only kept for 31 days.

For all enquiries please email


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