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Seasonal trading


We are looking for exciting and innovative small businesses and entrepreneurs to bring an idea to life at one of seven iconic locations identified by the City.

Fremantle attracts huge numbers of domestic, interstate, and international visitors each year providing any seasonal trading business a stream of potential customers. Each location is different so make sure you review the prospectus for the types of businesses we think are suited.

Seasonal trading will involve temporary selling activity at the designated locations, with infrastructure that is typically removed from the public space at the end of each day.

Guiding principles

The City has developed a set of principles that will be used as the criteria to assess applications. These guiding principles will deliver the best outcome for the community, visitors, and traders.

What are we looking for?

  • Sustainable businesses that are self‑sufficient with power, water, and waste.
  • Trading that focusses on leisure/recreation activity.
  • Suitable businesses that fill a gap in the market and enhance the visitor experience.
  • Businesses that align with the City of Fremantle’s brand values of spirit, soul and sea.

What are we not looking for?

  • Food and beverage businesses—we have a separate food vehicle application.
  • Businesses that will directly compete with established businesses in the local area.

What you will need to apply

  1. Familiarise yourself with the prospectus which contains the guiding principles, information on trading, recommendations for each location and the terms and conditions.
  2. Download and fill in an application form.

We also encourage you to read the City of Fremantle Seasonal Trading policy before applying.

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