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Sharing Stevens Reserve


Stevens Reserve is one of Fremantle’s premier sporting facilities, and is home to the Fremantle District Cricket Club

Established in 1852, the club is one of the oldest in the state and boasts some of WA’s top players, including Shaun and Mitch Marsh, Ashton Turner, Sam Whiteman and Jhye Richardson.

The playing and practice wickets at Stevens Reserve are some of the best in WA, but they can be easily damaged by dogs.

When exercising your dog at Stevens Reserve, please ensure your dog stays off the cricket wickets and covers.

Dogs running on wickets can cause damage to the pitches, which puts the players’ safety at risk.

Even the smallest tear in the covers from a dog’s claws can allow moisture to seep in and ruin the pitch, which can result in matches being delayed or cancelled.

It also costs the cricket club around $10,000 to replace damaged covers.

You can help us by keeping away from these areas while walking at the reserve.

Ashton Turner batting
Jhye Richardson bowling








Stevens Reserve dog damage
Water damage to pitch from hole in covers











How to have a happy cricket club and happy dogs

  • All cricket wickets and covers are dog prohibited ares at all times. Fines apply.
  • During training and games (look for the red flags) dogs are to be on leash at all times. Fines apply.
  • If there’s a chance your dog will run onto the wickets or covers, put them on leash to be on the safe side.

There are many other alternative dog exercise areas in Fremantle – including Fremantle Park, Bruce Lee Reserve, Hilton Park, South Beach and Leighton Beach. Check our dog zone page.

Aerial view of Stevens Reserve cricket pitches


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