South Beach sports hub

Project Starts: 

Wednesday, 23 September, 2015

Projects Completed: 

Wednesday, 28 February, 2018 - 19:30


South Beach
South Fremantle

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Background Information: 

The South Beach Sports Hub is a multi-purpose facility incorporating basketball, futsal, roller-hockey, volleyball and wheelchair basketball. The location of the facility on the South Beach was decided after an extensive period of community and stakeholder consultation. The sports court opened in February 2018.

Objectives / benefit

The new hub aims to:

  • Create an inviting, inclusive, flexible, multi-purpose recreational sport and community focused hub in South Fremantle;
  • Facilitate physical and social activities through the design;
  • Enable participation in informal recreational sport activities, including (but not limited to) basketball, volleyball, futsal, and slacklining;
  • Develop an integrated space catering for young people, families and seniors, through the arrangement of active and  passive activities;
  • Enable wheelchair access for both passive recreation and wheelchair sports like basketball.

Current status / timeline

Community Consultation 2015

  • A four week consultation process was undertaken in January and February 2015,.
  • In November 2015 a community workshop was held to determine the best location for the court. We had a great response with over 40 people joining us to evaluate the pros and cons of three location options and prioritise court facilities, the report is available below.

Stakeholder Consultation 2016

  • A workshop was held with sports groups to determine potential uses for the court to accommodate a range of sports.

Useful information 

The City will introduce a booking system as required to allow different sports to book the facility. Nets and goals associated with the booked sport will be made available.

For further information contact the City of Fremantle Parks and Landscape Department by email or by phone 08 9432 9999.

POINT (115.7507703 -32.0730124)