South Fremantle solar farm

Project Starts: 

Thursday, 2 July, 2015


Former South Fremantle landfill site
Cockburn Road South Fremantle

Project Type: 


Background Information: 

Imagine powering one of the world’s sunniest cities through its own solar energy? That’s what the City hopes to achieve as progress continues for the development of a large-scale solar farm at a former landfill site in Fremantle.

The City has had an exclusive working agreement with Australian-based company Epuron since 2015.  Over that time Epuron has been exploring due diligence, progressing towards environmental and other regulatory approvals and seeking a customer(s) for a power purchasing agreement.  The construction and operation of the solar farm would be fully funded by Epuron.

For more information please see the MY SAY FREO website.



POINT (115.7611761 -32.0801023)