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Strategic planning framework


Delivery of the strategic community plan is achieved through a range of subsidiary strategies, plans, policies and activities. Key strategies include a lot of great ideas. However, they can’t all be funded at once.

Prioritisation, funding and delivery of projects and activities are determined through the corporate business plan and annual budget. The Corporate Business Plan outlines the City’s four year priorities and planned activities, matched to resources available. These documents are underpinned by the long term financial plan. All of these ‘delivery’ documents are subject to annual review.

The strategic community plan and corporate business plan collectively comprise the Plan for the Future required under Section 5.56 of the Local Government Act 1995.

Progress on the strategic planning framework is monitored through the annual report, and reporting on specific strategies, action plans and the budget.

Individual operational decisions made by the City reference these plans and the policies and local laws adopted by council. 

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