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Fremantle is transforming as part of its biggest revitalisation in 40 years. Its unique cosmopolitan heritage streets and eclectic mix of contemporary restaurants, bars and shops provide an irresistible milieu for Australia’s most creative and talented people. Fremantle’s compelling program of world-class festivals and major events is the essence of the city’s spirit and verve. With new premium office space coming online amongst a vibrant and creative destination, Fremantle is a talent magnet. Invest in your people by investing in Fremantle.

As the national and global economy grows increasingly competitive, attracting and retaining good staff has never been more important. The world’s most creative and innovative people demand interesting, desirable and inspiring environments. Learn more about why Fremantle is such a unique environment by clicking here.

Still curious? Talk direct with one of our experts at business@fremantle.wa.gov.au


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