We’ve moved to Freo Oval!

On  Monday 18 December 2017 the City of Fremantle’s customer service, administration, library and One Stop Shop (now known as Wanjoo Welcome Lounge) temporarily relocated from our previous location in Kings Square to the former Fremantle Dockers administration building at Fremantle Oval.

The relocation paves the way for demolition of the existing building and construction of a new administration centre and library in Fremantle’s Kings Square starting in early 2018.

The City will remain at Fremantle Oval until completion of the new building, which is expected to be late 2019. The new building forms part of the broader $270m Kings Square Renewal project which will bring new life to the heart of Freo.

Fremane Oval aeirial mudmap showing temporary City of Fremantle location

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For information and FAQs specific to the library relocation click here


When did the City of Fremantle Administration & Library move?

 The new facility at Fremantle Oval opened on Monday 18 December 2017.

Why did the City  vacate its current building?

The move allows the current 50+ year old council administration and library building in Kings Square to be demolished and rebuilt as part of the $270m Kings Square Renewal project.

Click here for more information on why Fremantle Council chose to demolish and rebuild in Kings Square

Will there be any service disruptions 

We’ve carefully planned the move to limit service disruptions to our community, however we do ask for your patience while we move and settle into our new surroundings.

For more information and FAQs specific to the Library move click here

Where is the temporary office and library located?

The City of Fremantle temporary administration & library is housed in the former Fremantle Dockers admin building at Fremantle Oval (view map) 

What facilities are at the new location?

Our temporary offices at Fremantle Oval include:

  • customer service functions (including cashier)
  • main administrative functions
  • Fremantle Library
  • One Stop Shop
  • Justice of the Peace services.

All other services remain in their current locations, including the Fremantle Visitor Centre which will continue to run from its temporary location in the Fremantle Town Hall.

Will council and committee meetings be held at the temporary offices at Fremantle Oval?

No. All council and committee meetings will be held at the North Fremantle Community Hall from January 2018. The last meeting at the current council chambers will be on 13 December (Ordinary meeting)

How do I access the City’s customer service and library facilities at Fremantle Oval?

Pedestrian access is via the main Fremantle Oval carpark gate on Parry Street. The City’s administration and library has a main entrance labelled ‘Reception’ and a separate side entrance will allow people to access the library.

What is the name and address of the temporary office and library?

The building is formally known as City of Fremantle Administration and Library. The street address is 70 Parry Street Fremantle 6160. Our postal address, phone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.

Why was Fremantle Oval selected as the temporary location?

The Fremantle Dockers administration building became vacant when the Fremantle Football Club moved to new facilities in Cockburn earlier this year.  It represented the best value as a temporary office when the City took over the Fremantle Oval lease earlier this year.

How long will the City be located at the oval?

We’ll be operating at Fremantle Oval until construction of the new civic and administration building in Kings Square is completed. We expect this to be late 2019

Are there any changes to the way the library operates?

The library at Fremantle Oval has some great new features including self-service borrowing and returns.  Visit the library page for more information. 

Is the Fremantle Oval office and library accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes. There is full accessibility for people with disabilities to move throughout the temporary building, including the library. There is also a dedicated ACROD bay near the building. 

Where can I park if I need to visit the library or customer service centre?

Fremantle Oval is within easy walking distance of parking and public transport and a timed, paid public parking is available inside Fremantle Oval (carpark 10).

The nearest carpark if this becomes full is approximately 250m away at the Parry Street Car Park (Car park 1 – first hour free).  View the City’s parking map for more information.

Are there public toilet facilities at Fremantle Oval?

Yes – The public toilet facilities are located alongside the City’s temporary office adjacent to the South Fremantle Football Club.

How do I find out more?

For more information people can contact the City’s customer service team on 9432 9999 or email info@fremantle.wa.gov.au.