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Trading in public places


To trade on City of Fremantle land you need to apply for approval. This is to ensure any activities in public places occur at locations appropriate for public safety and access, including applicant's safety and that activities do not adversely impact on the amenity of the area.

It allows for the operation of trading activities in public places in such a manner that they do not conflict with, or prejudice, the City's permanent retail and service base, or other normal functions of the city centre.

Currently the City of Fremantle's environmental health services will only accept trading in public places applications from not-for-profit organisations.

Applicants must comply with the Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places Trading Local Law 2005, and need to complete application to register a trading in a public place (not for profit organisations only) and submit it to the City of Fremantle for approval.

Trading restrictions

  • Registered charities may conduct fundraising activities at 2 locations in the Fremantle CBD - Kings Square and Henderson Street Mall.
  • Fundraising may be permitted Thursday–Sunday.
  • Fundraising is not permitted Monday– Wednesday.
  • Fundraising is permitted between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.
  • One charitable organisation only per location.

Trading locations

Kings Square - near town hall clock tower

Kings Square trading location

Henderson Street Mall

Henderson St Mall trading location

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