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Trees and verge maintenance

Pruning or removal of verge trees

Removal of street trees is not permitted without approval from Council.

Requests for removal of street trees will only be approved where the City's street and reserve tree policy permits.

Complete the online form below to request tree pruning or removal (note, you will be directed to the City's Customer Portal):

Report a tree that requires pruning or removal - online form

Please note, street trees are pruned for the following reasons: 

  • Ensure clearance from overhead power lines*
  • Allow unobstructed pedestrian and vehicle movement
  • Ensure clear traffic sightlines
  • Improve tree form and health
  • Remove dead, dying diseased or pest infested branches
  • To define tree form and structure
  • Other reasonable requests.

*Visit Western Power verge tree pruning for details of upcoming works in your area.

Street trees will not be pruned to:

  • Improve views
  • Reduce leaf or fruit litter, bark drop, bird droppings or similar
  • Reduce height without a justifiable arboriculture cause
  • Reduce shade.

Report a damaged, dying or hazardous tree

Please complete the online form below to report a tree that is damaged, dying or causing a hazard (note, you will be directed to the City's Customer Portal).

Report a tree issue - online form

Footpath obstruction from overhanging vegetation on private property

If you see a tree, shrub or vines on a private property that is obstructing a footpath, please contact the City on (08) 9432 9999.  The City will request residents prune or remove the vegetation.

Request a street tree

Complete the online form below to request a new street tree (note, you will be directed to the City's Customer Portal).

Request a new street tree - online form

Important note: Once an application for a street tree has been received by our Parks and Landscape Team, your details will be registered. Tree planting is only undertaken between April and July each year, to ensure the greatest chance of tree survival. Verge inspections take place in April or May. At this time, you will be contacted to discuss viability and provision of the tree in relation to the existing streetscape and tree survival chance. 

Weed management program

The City is responsible for maintaining public open space inclusive of parks, gardens, road reserves, foreshore reserves, bushland reserves and undeveloped lands.

Weed control is undertaken to:

  • Maintain the amenity of public open space
  • Ensure the survival of desirable plant species to maintain biodiversity
  • Maintain the aesthetics of the City to the standard the community expect
  • Manage fire fuel loads.

The City utilises a range of treatment methods as part of a holistic and integrated approach to its weed management responsibilities. The selection of weed control is based on the target species, desired outcome and site location.

Treatment methods may include:

  • Manual control by hand-pulling
  • Suppression through mulching and planting
  • Mechanical control such as mowing and slashing
  • Chemical free control by hydro-thermal (steam)
  • Chemical control (herbicide).

The City has a chemical reduction approach to weed management and is trialling alternative treatments to test effectiveness. If they are successful, they are integrated into the City’s weed management program.

More information and contact

For more information about tree and verge management, contact the City Parks and Landscape Team on  1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736) or email info@fremantle,

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