Trees and Verges

Obstruction permits

Obstructions of the road reserve such as bins, cranes, cherry pickers, building materials / equipment, scaffolding, safety fencing or vehicles, requires an Application for Obstruction and incurs a fee of $66.30 inclusive of GST.

A traffic / pedestrian management plan is required for all applications (excluding bins) by an accredited traffic consultant when submitting your application.

A verge protection bond of $2,040.00 may be required for obstruction permits.

Applications must be submitted a minimum of five working days prior to commencement to works and ten working days in the case of a full road closure.

Permits are essential as infringements may apply.

Please note: credit card payments incur a 0.05% transaction fee and American Express (AMEX) is not accepted.

Verge bonds

When a building or demolition permit has been issued, it is a requirement that a verge bond is payable prior to commencement of works as follows:

  • $2,040.00 for building permits
  • $3,060.00 for demolition permits
  • For commercial permits or subdivisions, an assessment of the site determines the amount of the bond.  The applicant will be contacted following submission of the application to discuss the bond requirement.This is to ensure that if any damage occurs during works, verge and road reserve will be reinstated to the satisfaction of the City. This is to ensure that if any damage occurs during works, verge and road reserve will be reinstated to the satisfaction of the City.

An application for verge bond refund can be submitted to the City at the completion of construction works.

Additional permits

For works in the road reserve or verge, parking and hood hire permits may be required.  Contact the customer service centre on 08 9432 9999 for details of how to obtain these permits. Additional fees apply for these permits.

Verge Mowing Program

As part of our commitment to improving core services to ratepayers, the City has recently moved to reintroduce residential verge mowing to areas of the city that have wide verges. The City acknowledges it is not always possible for residents to maintain verges that are wider than standard, so the Council has decided to offer a free verge mowing service in the suburbs of Beaconsfield, White Gum Valley, Hilton, Samson and parts of Fremantle.  To find out more, visit the Verge Mowing Program information page.

Verge beautification

The City of Fremantle offers the following horticultural services part of our verge beautification program. The greening of the City's verges is aimed at reducing water use and the costs of mowing. For more information, download the Verge Beautification Guidelines brochure.

Low cost ground covers

As part of the verge beautification program, the City offers subsidised native ground cover plants for verges in Fremantle.  Contact our parks and landscape team on 08 9432 9999 for more information.


The City has several free mulch collection days each year. City of Fremantle residents can collect mulch from the City Depot for use on their verges. Proof of residency is required to receive free mulch.

Remaining verge collection dates in 2017 are 8 July, 9 September, 7 October. Keep an eye on the City's What's On page for more detail.

Another source of mulch supply can be located online at

Mulching is one of the many easy ways you can develop a water wise native gardenKeep mulch well maintained and ensure it does not spill on the footpath or road. For more information on mulching your verge download the Verge Mulch brochure.

Free street trees

Fremantle residents can apply to have a street tree planted on their verge at no cost to the property owner.  Once an application for street tree has been received by our parks and landscape team, they will undertake inspections which will include your verge during the following April and May and then talk to you about what is most suitable for your verge.  Planting will only occur between April and July each year to ensure your tree will survive.
To request a tree complete the e-services (Parks & Landscape) request online, or contact us on the details below. 

Chemical free weed control program

The City uses a non-chemical method of weed control on the City's footpaths, medians and road kerbs. This method uses steam to eradicate weeds instead of chemical based sprays. Contact our parks and landscape team on 08 9432 9999 for more information.

Overhanging vegetation

Trees, shrubs and vines obstructing pedestrians along footpaths from private property should be reported to the City to reduce risk to footpath users. The City will request for residents to prune or remove vegetation.  Please contact our parks and landscape team on 08 9432 9999.

Street tree maintenance

Pruning and maintenance of trees located on verges not only keeps things neat and tidy in your street,  it also ensures the long-term survival of trees as well as the safety of residents, motorists and pedestrians.

Residents are reminded that they are not permitted to prune verge trees.  

Verge tree pruning guidelines

Street trees are pruned to for the following reasons: 

  • Ensure clearance from overhead power lines  (visit the Western Power verge tree pruning page for details of upcoming works in your area)
  • Allow unobstructed pedestrian and vehicle movement
  • Ensure clear traffic sightlines
  • Improve tree form and health
  • Remove dead, dying diseased or pest infested branches
  • To define tree form and structure
  • Other reasonable requests for extra pruning will be considered.

Street trees will NOT be pruned to:

  • Improve views
  • reduce leaf or fruit litter, bark drop, bird droppings or similar
  • reduce height without a justifiable arboriculture cause
  • reduce shade.

Removal of street trees is not permitted without approval from council. Requests for removal of street trees will only be approved where the City's tree planting and preservation policy permits. Contact our parks and landscape team on 08 9432 9999 if you require any further information.

Community Gardens

The City recognises community gardening as a sustainable living practice and a valuable recreational activity that builds strong community relationships and provides a wide range of benefits. Community members can be involved in community gardening by joining an existing community garden or by starting their own. For more information click here.

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