How to pay for parking and avoid infringements

How to pay for parking

Instructions on how to purchase a ticket are indicated on the parking machines nearest to your parking area. All of our machines accept cash, credit card and CellOPark payment. In case of machine fault, please follow the instructions on the machine.

Please be aware that a ticket must be displayed on the dash board, in a way that it can be read by an authorised officer. Failure to display a valid ticket may incur a penalty and may not be withdrawn upon a valid ticket being produced during the appeal process. A ticket is not required to be displayed when using CellOPark payment.

Long term parking permit

Customers will no longer be able to purchase long term or monthly parking via invoice or over the counter from the City of Fremantle.

The City is instead moving to an online payment system where the customer pays for their parking using a credit card or debit card and receives a virtual permit which is associated with the number plate of the vehicle or vehicles you drive. In order to do this you will need log into to

vPermit allows the motorist to apply for, manage and pay for their parking permit online using credit or debit card and is an easy alternative to traditional parking permits.

It is simple to use, virtual and largely self-service. If you have any problems registering for a vPermit they can be contacted for assistance on either 9432 9999 or

CellOPark application

Parking for all street and open-air paid parking bays managed by the City of Fremantle can be paid through the CellOPark smartphone application.

Parking sessions commence by selecting the parking zone and pressing ‘START’ or pointing the phone’s camera at a QR code on CellOPark zone signage to pay for the exact parking time.

This is a paperless service where no physical ticket is required on display and users only pay for the exact time their vehicle is parked. This service is not available in free parking areas and privately operated car parks.

Please read the parking signs for clarification. You can find CellOPark in the app store or visit for more details.

Are you a tradesperson who needs a permit?

If you are a tradesperson with a short or long term contract in Fremantle, for a resident or a business, you can apply for a reserved parking bay and be exempt from time and paid parking restrictions. More information can be found on the reserved parking bay application form.

How to avoid infringements?

When parking in Fremantle, please follow instructions on parking signs, ticket machines and by authorised officers. Parking Local Law ensures that we can all travel safely and enjoy the facilities in the City.

Make sure you do not park:

  • On footpaths, whether it is your car or your motorbike
  • In a way to obstruct a driveway, right of way, garage and such
  • In any area designated for authorised vehicles, reserved by Fremantle officers, emergency and special service vehicles
  • In bus and taxi zones
  • Within 10 metres of an intersection, or 20 metres of a traffic light controlled intersection
  • In any area that is signed to be No stopping or No Parking

This kind of parking may incur an infringement

This kind of parking may incur an infringement.